The food scene in the Spanish capital is a beautiful representation of some of the yummiest Spanish traditional recipes available, but, what to eat in the capital of Spain? We bring you the 5 foods to try in Madrid if you want to experience the city like a local.

Foods to try in Madrid
Foods to try in Madrid / Javier Martinez /

What to eat in the capital of Spain? The 5 foods to try in Madrid

1. Cocido Madrileño, the most typical soup from Madrid.

Foods to try in Madrid
Foods to try in Madrid / Salvatore G2 /

Cocido Madrileño is about one of the most complete slow cooked soups you will get to try. It is made with vegetables, pork, chicken, serrano ham, chorizo and chickpeas.

It is traditionally served separately; you get a bowl of broth and there will be a serving tray in the middle on the table with all the ingredients for you to pick the ones you prefer.

2. A classic food to try in Madrid: Tortilla de patatas or Potato and onion omelette.

What to eat in Madrid?
What to eat in Madrid? / hurdiantonia0 /

Famous all over the Spanish territory, tortilla needs no introduction. They are normally on display in bars and the most typical way to eat it is in a “Pincho” aka an individual triangle shape cut.

The key to a perfect tortilla is for it to be a little bit runny in the middle.

3. What to eat in Madrid as a snack? Churros, the sweet treat

Foods to try in Madrid
Foods to try in Madrid / Felix Girault /

Churros are a sweet treat that you will find all over Spain. However, the recipe and shape varies between regions. In Madrid they are thin and folded.

For maximum enjoyment dip them in a cup of chocolate.

4. A surprising food to try in Madrid: Bocadillo de calamares. Calamari baguette

what to eat in madrid
What to eat in Madrid? / M Peinado /

Weirdly enough – as Madrid has no coastline – the calamari baguette is one of the most typical foods you must try in Madrid.

To get it right, the calamari has to be breaded and the bread must be fresh.

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5. Huevos Rotos or Estrellados. Broken eggs

Foods to try in Madrid
Foods to try in Madrid / Wikimedia

Simple yet delicious. The most basic version of this will be French fries with fried eggs on top. Before eating them, you scramble (break the eggs) and mix everything together.

You will also find them with some extra things on top like serrano ham or chorizo.

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