Spain is the biggest vegetable producer in Europe and, as a result, it can not be a surprise as they are the base of the Mediterranean diet. If you visit Spain make sure to try the 7 best Spanish vegetarian tapas.

The 7 best Spanish vegetarian tapas you must try if you visit Spain

1. A not very known Spanish vegetarian tapa: Vegetable stew (Pisto Manchego)

A food specialty originally from Castilla La Mancha but very popular all over Spain. Pisto is a mix of onion, green and red peppers and courgette all cooked in a tomato-based sauce. It is often served with a fried egg on top.

Spanish vegetarian tapas
Spanish vegetarian tapas / rubyriojano /

2. A Spanish vegetarian tapa that needs to introduction: Bravas potatoes (Patatas Bravas)

A very popular Spanish classic. The potatoes must be crispy and cut in cubes and what really makes them special is the alioli sauce (with garlic) and the brava sauce (with sweet and spicy paprika) that comes on top of them.

best tapas from valencia
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3. A simple but yummy vegetarian tapa: Padron Peppers (Pimientos de Padrón)

These green and small peppers grow in the north of Spain. They are very tasty and have a very peculiar twist to them. While they are generally ok, you do find the odd spicy one.

Best Spanish vegetarian tapas
Spanish vegetarian tapas / Chetedel /

4. The best Spanish vegetarian soup: Gazpacho

Gazpacho is a very popular summer soup that comes from the south of Spain. It has tomatoes, green pepper, cucumber and bread. It is served cold and with chopped vegetables as toppings.

Spanish vegetarian tapas
Vegan tapas in Spain/ u_3u41oncu /

5. Garlic Mushroom (Champiñones al ajillo)

A very simple yet delicious dish that you will find in most bars. The mushrooms are sliced and cooked with a bit of olive oil, garlic and parsley.

6. The most famous Spanish vegetarian tapa: Spanish tortilla (Tortilla de Patatas)

A very well-known Spanish classic. The key for the perfect tortilla is to add onion to the potatoes, as it adds a slightly sweet taste, and for it to be not fully cooked inside for a creamy texture.

Spanish vegetarian tapas
Spanish vegetarian tapas / Christine Isakzhanova /

7. Aubergines with honey (Berenjenas a la miel)

This tapa comes from Andalusia and it is an example of the Arab influence in the south of Spain.

The bitterness of the aubergine and the sweetness of the honey brought together for your delight.

What to Eat in Granada, Spain . The best tapas
Spanish vegetarian tapas

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