While away from the coast, if you are in Cabo de Gata or the surrounding area you will regret it if you don’t pay Nijar, Spain, a visit, especially if you are into pottery.

This picturesque small village in the mountains can only be defined as an undiscovered Instagram paradise.

Its white-washed houses splashed with colourful doors and bright pottery accents will delight your aesthetic eye. However, its lack of tourists will please your inner adventurer… you have arrived to inner Spain!

Nijar Pottery
Nijar Pottery / Grez / www.unsplash.com

Nijar, Spain. The dream village for pottery lovers

The beautiful village of Nijar, Spain and their pottery heritage

Do not expect big dramatic sights here. This village is all about strolling around and getting lost in its gorgeous alleys while taking a million pictures of the beautiful doors you will discover on your wanders.

Nijar also has a heritage in handmade products that has remained true to how things were made in the old days, and that will make you regret not having a bigger house… and suitcase! Specially when you see the pottery and rugs!

The handmade rugs from Nijar

Standing out are their Jarapas, colourful handmade rugs made sustainably with leftover pieces of fabric.

Nijar Pottery
Nijar Pottery and rugs

The colors alone will catch your eye, but the price will make your heart skip a beat… for the good reasons, as they are a bargain. I had to stop myself from filling the car with them and ended up settling for a huge one for the bedroom that only cost me around 40€.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a reason to love them, they, very conveniently, can be washed in the washing machine. The dream rug.

Nijar Pottery

Aside from their Jarapas, the village is full of ceramics studios that sell their stunning creations. I visited Ceramicas Baldo García and promised to return to literally buy the whole collection once I have a flat big enough!

Nijar Spain
Nijar Spain

Their creations not only will cheer up your dinner parties, they are also budget friendly!

Nijar Pottery
Nijar Pottery

And as if that is not enough to convince you we have an end game secret to share. Some bars in the town of Nijar will give you a free tapa if you order a drink!

Believe me when I say I kind of hate having written about Nijar when I could have kept it all for myself.

After  shopping and a stroll around taking pictures with the colourful doors we had a cold beer with a free tortilla in a local bar.

Life does not get any better!

Useful information if you visit Nijar, Spain looking for pottery

  • It is a small town, a day visit will do. 
  • If you decide to spend some time in Nijar there are some stunning Spanish style villas full of character – and bougainvilleas!- You can check them here via Booking.com>>
  • We got our ceramics in Baldo García
  • We got our rug from the tourism office that happens to also be a shop. They also show you the loom upon request.
  • If you are in the are do not miss Cabo de Gata Natural park!

Save money on your trip to Nijar and enjoy their pottery!

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