If you visit Spain’s capital city and you love markets do not miss the best mercados in Madrid including El Rastro, the most famous market.

The best mercados in Madrid for markets lover

1. Best markets Madrid: Book Fair Cuesta de Moyano

Located in a pederastian only road called Cuesta de Moyano, near El Retiro Park you will find a book fair that is almost a hundred years old.

It opens everyday and you will find around 30 stands with a huge variety of books, from old editions, to comics and much more.

Best Mercados in Madrid
Best Mercados in Madrid / www.unsplash.com / leigh-cooper

2. El Rastro, the most famous market in Madrid

An open air pop up market that takes place every Sunday around calle Ribera de Curtidores. You will find hundreds of stools with antiques, clothes, second hand items, books… all you can think of!

It is the quintessential Madrid plan to go have a look around El Rastro on a Sunday morning to then head to a bar around for a drink and a nibble.

Famous Market in Madrid
Best Mercados in Madrid / www.unsplash.com / frank-stevens-van-hemert

3. Mercado de las Ranas

An open door for sort of market in a similar style than Portobello in London. It happens in Barrio de las Letras, where local stores open their doors and bars have special offers for visitors.

It takes place the first Saturday of every month and it was created in order to increase the visitors to the area.

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4. Best mercados in Madrid: The farmers’ market Mercado Municipal de Productores Planetario

The first and third Sunday of every month local producers set up a pop up market in Arganzuela, the corner of Avenida del Planetario with Calle Meneses.

You will find oil, meats, vegetables and fruit, juices, cheeses, sweets… and much more!.

5. The painters market

Every Sunday in the Conde de Barajas square since 1984 you can find local artists displaying their creations.

If you fancy getting some art from emergent artists… this is the place.

Best Mercados in Madrid
Famous Market in Madrid/ https://madrilanea.com/

6. Best mercados in Madrid: Mercado de Motores

The second weekend of each month inside the old train station of Delicias you will find an artisan market, vintage clothes, decorations and more!

Best markets in Madrid
Best markets in Madrid / www.Wikipedia.es

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