The most iconic landmark in Segovia, Spain is, by all means, the Aqueduct built by the Romans. Not only it makes the landscape epic but also it has a story filled with interesting facts. Check here the most surprising facts about the Segovia Aqueduct.

Segovia Spain Aqueduct
Segovia, Spain. Aqueduct / Diego Allen /

7 surprising facts about the most iconic landmark in Segovia, Spain, the Roman Aqueduct

1. The aqueduct is more than 2000 years old

Romans built it in the first century AD, when they ruled the city.

2. Segovia Spain Aqueduct facts: It has something in common with the Colisseum

Vespasian, the emperor that built the Coliseum, ordered the construction of the Segovia Aqueduct around the same time.

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3. A wild amount of stones

It is made with 20,400 blocks coming from a nearby mountain.

Segovia Aqueduct facts
Segovia, Spain. Aqueduct / Diego Allen /

4. An incredible fact about how the aqueduct holds together

There is no cement or mortar keeping together the rocks of the Aqueduct, just their own weight.

5. The Segovia Aqueduct in Spain is one of the best preserved aqueducts in Europe

The aqueduct in Segovia, Spain is one of the best preserved aqueduct from Roman times. 

6. The interesting fact about what is damaging the Segovia aqueduct in Spain

The modern day things like the pollution from cars and the increase of vibrations are damaging it slowly.

Segovia Spain Aqueduct facts
Segovia Aqueduct facts /Manuel Lopez /

7. The aqueduct in Segovia, Spain was in use until more recently that you might think

It worked until the 19th century, meaning it functioned for around 1900 years.

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