Spanish people from all over Spain travel to Segovia, sometimes on a day trip, to try this delicacy. If you are wondering where to eat the best cochinillo or suckling pig in Segovia we will share with you the places we have been to and loved.

Where to eat the best cochinillo in Segovia?

The best cochinillo in Segovia and typical experience: Mesón de Cándido

Located right by the Aqueduct, Mesón de Cándido is the most famous restaurant in Segovia.  Most Spaniards know about it as it is an institution to eat cochinillo or suckling pig.

best cochinillo in segovia
Best cochinillo in Segovia

From the moment you cross the door you will be transported to medieval Spain. The Cándido family inaugurated the restaurant in 1905 and it has, since then, passed from generation to generation.

The cochinillo ceremony in Meson de Candido

They also perform the suckling piglet ceremony to prove how tender it is. The chef, maitre or, if you are lucky, Cándido himself, will cut the suckling piglet with a plate to prove its tenderness. Then, to celebrate it, he will break the plate throwing it to the floor. A very peculiar way to prove you are having the best cochinillo in Segovia!

Best cochinillo in Segovia
Best cochinillo in Segovia / Suckling pig ceremony

By all means, having the best cochinillo in town in Casa Candido is one of the best culinary experiences in Spain. Celebrities and royalty will welcome you from their pictures on the walls as everyone must pay Cándido a visit at least once in their lives.

Suckling pig restaurants
Dmitry Romanoff /

While their prices are not for every budget, they are not too expensive. Cochinillo costs 27€ per person.

If eating a sucking piglet is a bit much for you, the roasted lamb is also delicious and you can also check this post with the most famous foods from Segovia if you need inspiration.

You can check their menu here> 

The best cochinillo or suckling pig in Segovia: Taberna López, an authentic place away from the tourists

Hidden away from the most touristic area of Segovia you will find Taberna López, a tavern inaugurated in 1984 serving homemade seasonal traditional Segovian foods.

The decoration is an excellent representation of inner Castile and remains how it was. You will immediately feel transported to the Spain of Velazquez and Cervantes.

Best cochinillo in Segovia
Best cochinillo in Segovia. Suckling pig in Taberna López

The place, covered in dark wood almost entirely, resembles an inn and will make you feel like you are a pilgrim looking for shelter and food on a snowy day.

Best cochinillo Segovia Suckling pig
Best cochinillo in Segovia. Suckling pig in Taberna López

You will get an excellent service (probably in Spanish though, but remember if you are here is to fully experience like a local), top quality meats and some bizarre traditions. The day we visited we were offered one of the piglet’s ears to have a bite of it. Having the best cochinillo in Segovia can be such a weird experience!

You can check their menu here>

Other restaurants to try suckling pig

If by any chance you can not get to any of the restaurants we have recommended you might want to check out these other ones we have told are nice too.

However, please note unlike the other two we haven’t been to them.

  • Restaurante Jose Maria
  • La Portada del Mediodía (Outside the city)
  • Restaurante Casares


What is the most local suckling pig experience?

Visiting Segovia in the Autumn for their famous cochinillo or suckling pig is one of the Spaniards favorite day trips.

Very few things Spanish people like more than eating some deliciously tender meats when it is getting cold outside. The calories are much needed when it is cold!

What do Segovian locals think about this recommendations?

If you ask locals from Segovia they will, very likely, not recommend Mesón de Cándido. It has got touristic and it is, as a result, more expensive than the rest but with a similar quality.

However, we are not from Segovia and only visit the city once every few years. We will, very happily, pay a little extra to have the cochinillo right by the aqueduct in such a corky picturesque place.

segovia suckling pig
Best cochinillo in Segovia, suckling pig /Jeronimo 52 /

If you want to experience a proper local experience head to one of the other restaurants. The meat will be epic and the price better.

But if you want to splurge a bit and you do not mind eating in the most popular spot in town -with likely no Segovia locals-;  head to Mesón de Cándido. You will pay more; but not everyday you get to eat with a side of a Roman construction that is more than 2000 years old!

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