The night of the 23rd of June, on St John’s eve, celebrations and fire take over many beaches of Spain. Here is everything you need to know about San Juan festival in Spain.

What happens in San Juan festival in Spain? Everything you need to know

What do people celebrate in the San Juan festival in Spain?

People celebrate the longest night of the year and the arrival of summer. In the religious calendar it is the day Saint John Baptist was born.

san juan festival spain
San Juan festival Spain / Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

What is the origin of the celebration?

The summer solstice was the pagan festivity in the old days. Pagans will lit a bonfire to burn “the past” and welcome new opportunities

What do people do to celebrate it?

It is celebrated mostly in the beaches with bonfires, fireworks and rituals to bring good luck.

People get together with friends at the beach with drinks and maybe food. Some of the rituals include jumping over the bonfire, going to the sea for a swim at midnight, jumping waves and writing wishes and burning them in the bonfire.

San Juan festival Spain
San Juan festival Spain /

Where can I go to celebrate the San Juan festival in Spain?

Many beaches in Spain host celebrations and the 24rd is also bank holiday some places.

The most famous celebrations take place in Alicante but you can find San Juan parties all over the Region of Valencia, Andalusia, Las Palmas, Barcelona, Mallorca and Galicia among others.

What shall I expect?

A crowded beach with bonfires here and there, fireworks at midnight and in some places street parties.

Hogeras de San Juan, Alicante. The most famous celebration

The biggest party in Spain takes place in Alicante, where the fiesta looks a bit like fallas, as the bonfire is not just good but figures made of cardboard that they burn at midnight.

In the same way as fallas, you might encounter people dress in the traditional outfits and mascletáes, very loud firecrackers.

San Juan festival Spain
Celebrations in Alicante / Alicante Turismo

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