If you visit Castile and Leon and are wondering what to eat in Segovia we bring you the most famous Segovia food you must try.

Segovia, capital of Castile and Leon is a historical Spanish city located just over an hour’s drive from Madrid. The city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is famous for its historic buildings, particularly the Roman aqueduct and the Castle.

What to eat in Segovia, Spain? The 10 most famous foods and specialties you must try

Their food’s main ingredients are meat and fats as, with temperatures dropping below 0°C in winter, calories are a must to stay warm!

If you visit make sure to try the following food specialties:

1. The most famous Segovia food : Cochinillo or Roasted Sucking Pig.

Segovia specialty
Segovia specialty / www.tabladillo.es

Undoubtedly the most typical food from Segovia. A Segovia classic famous all over the Spanish territory. People from Spain will travel to Segovia for a day just to eat it.

Best cochinillo in Segovia
Segovia Food / Casa Cándido

2. Another classic Segovia food: Cordero asado or roasted lamb

The most famous kind is Cordero Lechal (suckling lamb) and it is slow roasted in the oven. Restaurants generally serve it on a clay casserole. When it is good it is crispy outside and tender inside. Just delicious!

Segovia Foods
What to eat in Segovia, Spain?

3. A surprising food to eat in Segovia: Trucha a la Segoviana or Segovian trout

Segovia is nowhere near the sea, however you can fish in the nearby rivers and lakes.  Trout is another Segovian classic. It is frequently cooked with serrano ham inside and served with potatoes.

Segovia Foods
Segovia Foods / De rechupete

4. Judiones de la Granja or Farm Beans

Judiones de la Granja are a local variety of bean that only grows near Segovia in a place called La Granja de San Ildefonso.

The most common recipe is a stew, generally with chorizo and other meats.

Segovia Food
What to eat in Segovia, Spain? / Directo al Paladar

5. A food from Segovia you must eat is a soup: Sopa Castellana or Castilian soup

This is indeed a Spanish classic. Sopa Castellana is a soup, commonly cooked in winter.

The main ingredients are broth, garlic, bread, egg, paprika and serrano ham. It is very tasty and filling and it is served in a clay casserole.

what to eat in Segovia
Segovia Food / El calaixet de la iaia

6. Torreznos or pork scratching, the most famous snack in Castile and Leon

Torreznos are similar to pork scratching. The main difference is that the Spanish versions keeps, not just the skin, but a bit of the meat, aka bacon.

They are a very typical snack in Segovia but you will find them all over the Spanish territory, specially in Castile and Leon.

A good one must be very crispy in the outside and meaty and juicy inside. 

What to eat in Segovia
What to eat in Segovia? Torreznos / www.bonviveur.es

7. Segovia foods you must try: Chorizo de Cantimpalo

Cantimpalos is a village in Segovia famous all over Spain for one reason: their chorizo.

It is made with pork meat,  paprika and spices and then cured and dried.

Its colour is bright red and it is juicy but not too strong. You will find it as a cold cut to eat as a snack or with bread.

segovia food
Segovia Food / Wikipedia

8. And what to eat in Segovia for dessert? Ponche Segoviano or Segovian punch

And lastly, dessert. The most typical is a piece of sponge cake with a cream filling. It is covered with marzipan and icing.

You will recognize it for the toasted diamond drawings on top of it. They make them with a red hot iron stick.

Ponche Segoviano
Ponche Segoviano

9. What to eat in Segovia if you have a sweet tooth? Florones

This sweet treat is very typical the day of Segovia, the 25th of October when they celebrate Saint Frutos, their patron. In the rest of Castile and Leon they are normally eaten in Holy Week.

They are a very crispy puff pastry with a hint of anise shape like a flower.

Segovia food
Segovia Food

10. And if you have tried all the foods... Did you know Segovia makes some of the best wines of Spain?

While the most famous wines come from La Rioja, there are other areas just as known in Spain that produce pretty epic wines.

One of those areas is Ribera del Duero, located in Castile and Leon. The most famous ones are their reds.

Some of everyone’s favourite include Pago de los Capellanes, Pago de Carraovejas and Protos.

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