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Toledo has a very interesting food scene largely influenced by the three cultures that once shared the city aka Muslims, Christians and Jews; and the region’s weather, as temperatures in winter reach numbers as low as below cero °C. If you are wondering what to eat in Toledo we bring you the 5 most famous Toledo Spain foods  that will surely keep you warm in winter.

What to eat in Toledo, Spain? The 5 foods you must try

1. A classic: Roasted Partridge or Perdiz estofada

A classic food from Toledo, typical for Christmas and family gatherings. The partridge is slow cooked with vegetables, white whine and spices and as a result, you get tender and very tasty meat.

toledo spain foods
Toledo Spain foods / Perdiz /

2. Garlic soup or Sopa de ajo, the most famous soup in the area

One of the most famous foods from Toledo, Spain is a soup. A popular recipe not only in Toledo but through Castille. The garlic is mixed with eggs, bread, olive oil and paprika and they normally serve it in a clay pot. It is very filling and not as garlicky as you might expect.

toledo spain foods
What to eat in Toledo, Spain? /

3. Toledo, Spain foods: Cochifrito or fried pork

A very straight forward food from Toledo, Spain. The pork or piglet is cut in small pieces and fried with garlic. The result is both very crispy and very tasty.

4. What to eat in Toledo Spain, in winter? Carcamusas

A beef or pork stew, normally cooked with vegetables, serrano ham and chorizo and served with fries. People serve it either as a tapa or as a main and it is meaty and filing. One of the best foods to keep you warm in Toledo in winter!

What to eat in Toledo Spain?
Toledo Spain Foods /
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5. What to eat in Toledo, Spain? If you like sweet treats: Marzipan

The most famous desert from Toledo. Made with almonds and sugar this sweet treat is very typical around Christmas but you can get it in Toledo all year round.

Toledo Spain Foods

The most picturesque way to get it is to pop by a Convent as the nuns in Toledo are excellent bakers. You can get it from Convento de San Clemente, Convento de Santo Domingo el Antiguo and Convento de San Antonio de Padua among others.

  • If you are around Toledo and have a car you might also want to visit Avila.

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