A Spanish specialty that need no presentation. Everyone loves one but if you want to enjoy them like a local check out these 8 fun facts about churros, including a surprising twist on who invented them.

8 fun facts about churros you need to know to enjoy them like a local

1. Facts about churros: There are two types

You might have seen them both and their names vary depending on the area. For example, in Madrid, churros are thin and folded either in a heart or a drop shape. The thicker variety will be call porra and it is the long, thicker version.

facts about churros
Facts about churros / Felix Girault / www.unsplash.com

2. They are not a dessert

While outside in Spain is not uncommon to see them in the dessert menu do not expect to find the same if you visit a restaurant anywhere in Spain.

Churros are not a dessert but a breakfast. Outside breakfast you might have them as a snack in between lunch and dinner, but here we consider them way to heavy to have after a meal.

3. There are places that only serve them

There is a particular kind of establishment in Spain which sole purpose is serving churros. They are called Churrerias and in their menu you will find churros, chocolate and probably also coffee.

4. Fun facts about churros: In some areas they are pop ups

In the Mediterranean is very typical for churros to be mobile pop ups that they move around. They tend to appear Sundays (As it is the most traditional day to have churros for breakfast) and during local festivities like fallas.

Fun facts about churros
Fun facts about churros / www.pixabay.com

You might have them there or take them away and get them home.

Upon arrival to the top you will find Sagrado Corazon, a stunning church. From its steps you will enjoy some of the best panoramic views in town.

5. How do people have churros

There are two traditional ways to have them, both a delight but not very healthy. You can either dip them in warm chocolate or in white sugar.

6. Who invented churros?

It is unclear who invented them or if they are even from Spain. One theory suggest that they were originally made by Spanish nomad shepherds that call them after local “churra sheeps” as the shape of the churros reminded them of the horns on the sheep.

Fallas de Valencia foods
Who invented churros?

7. Facts about churros: They used to be bigger

While not they are very manageable, in the old days they were as long as a baguette!

Facts about churros
Facts about churros / Oscar Nord / www.unsplash.com

8. The ingredients

This delicious snack is actually quite simple. Churros are made with just flour, water, salt and sugar. Ingredients are mixed together and them deep fried in oil and covered in sugar.

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