If you happen to find yourself in Spain seeing boards with a “Menu del día” sign everywhere you go do not miss this post with everything you need to know about this great lunch option.

What is “Menu del día” in Spain?

“Menú del día” is Spain’s answer to your lunchtime cravings if you are on a budget. It is a set up menu most restaurants offer weekdays for a portion of what will cost eating in that restaurant.

How does “Menu del día” work in Spain?

  • First up, you choose your “Primer Plato” or starter. It could be anything from soups to salad or even some pasta or rice creations.
  • Then, get ready for the star of the show, the “Segundo Plato”. This is where you pick your main: meat, fish, or the ever-versatile vegetarian option. The main will vary depending on where you are. for instance, if you are in Valencia, pretty much in every restaurant you will have a paella option as a main.
What is Menu del dia in Spain
What is Menu del dia in Spain?

But wait, there is more!

  • Dessert time, folks! The “Postre” course brings sweetness to your meal, with normally dessert options or fresh fruit, as it is very typical in Spain to finish a meal with fruit.
What is Menu del dia in Spain
What is Menu del dia in Spain?

Most “Menu del día” will also come with bread and coffee although in others coffee is not included but you can swap your dessert for one.

Drinks aka “bebida” is only included in some restaurants. You can have a water, soft drink, beer or glass of wine – normally the house one-.

How much does it cost ?

Here is the kicker: enjoying a “Menu del día” will not break the bank!

Depending on the type of restaurant you are in in could cost you anything between 10€ per person for a basic one, around 15€ for a medium range price restaurant and around 25€ in a really nice place.

What is Menu del dia in Spain
What is Menu del dia in Spain?

How do I chose a “Menu del día”?

The food will change a lot among places. It you want something traditional try a traditional place but if you crave for something a bit more adventurous the menu will always show the character of the restaurant.

A good idea if you like a restaurant but do not want to spend that much is to try their “Menu del día”.

Remember, though, it is a weekday lunchtime thing, so save your cravings for the right moment.

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