They are the most loved tapa for Spaniards but did you know these 10 fun facts about Spanish croquetas?

10 fun facts about Spanish croquetas

1. Fun facts about croquetas: They are not Spanish

While they are one of the most famous Spanish tapas they where actually invented in France. The word actually comes from the french “Croque” meaning to be crispy.

Fun facts about croquetas
Fun facts about croquetas /

2. However, in Spain, they are use to use up leftovers

The idea behind croquetas is that you can add to the base bechamel any leftovers you have around. Chicken, ham, meats, vegetables… you name it!

3. The most popular Spanish Croquetas flavor

Serrano ham croquetas are the most popular ones both at home and in bars.

Spanish croquetas
Spanish croquetas /

4. They have a day

Croquetas are so popular they have a celebratory day. The international day of the croqueta takes place on the 16th of January.

5. You can cook them straight from frozen

As the elaboration takes a while it is not uncommon to prepare many and then freeze them. Likewise, in the frozen area of the supermarket, in the same way that you find fish fingers, if you are in Spain you will find croquetas.

They can be fried straight from frozen.

6. Fun facts about croquetas: They are so liked they have a saying

A famous Spanish saying says as follows: “Not everyone can like you, you are not a croqueta”. Sounds about right!

Fun facts about croquetas
Fun facts about croquetas /

7. Originally they did not have bechamel

In the original recipe you will find mash potato instead of bechamel to keep the ingredients together. Sound good but far less creamy!

8. There are many more flavors than Serrano ham

While serrano ham are the most popular ones you can find as many croquetas as you can imagine!.

Fish, prawns, calamari, wild mushrooms, spinach, chicken, pork cheeks.. you can find about everything in a croqueta!

9. The amount of Spanish croquetas eaten by Spaniards

Every Spanish person has an average of 80 croquetas per year. They are the third most consumed tapa behind tortilla and patatas bravas.

Spanish croquetas
Spanish croquetas /

10. They are restaurants in Spain that only serve croquetas

People in Spain are obsessed with croquetas. Prove of this is the restaurant Solo de Croquetas in Madrid serving more than 30 flavours!

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