If you find yourself in the city and are wondering what is typical to eat in Fallas check out the list of the 5 foods you must try in Fallas in Valencia.

What to eat in Fallas? 5 foods to eat during Fallas in Valencia

1. Churros

In the weeks leading to fallas the city gets full of pop up churros stands. You are likely to find at least one in every neighborhood so it will pretty much be rude not to treat yourself to a churro breakfast before the festivities are over.

Remember you have two types, churros, the thin folded ones, and porras, the thicker long versions. Try them both and let us know what you preffer!

Fallas de Valencia foods
Fallas de Valencia foods

2. Foods to eat in Fallas in Valencia: Buñuelos

But it is not only churros these pop up places are here for. You will also find buñuelos, a pastry made with flour, pumpkin and yeast that is deep fried. A fallas special you should not leave without trying.

foods fallas valencia
Foods Fallas Valencia / https://cadenaser.com/ / Getty Images

3. What to eat in Fallas? Paella

A must if you visit Valencia at any time really. The traditional version, invented in Valencia, has chicken, rabbit, beans and normally snails and it is called Paella Valenciana. People have it for lunch, put it in the middle of the table and eat it straight from the pan and is best enjoy by the beach or in the middle of the crops.

What to eat in Fallas
What to eat in Fallas

4. Fallas de Valencia foods: Horchata

A must drink if it gets hot during the fallas!

Horchata is a drink made from a local nut called chufa. You will find it served in different versions: fully liquid, iced like a granita or mixed.

It is sweet, refreshing and delicious.

Foods fallas Valencia
Foods Fallas Valencia / www.bonviveur.es
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5. What to eat in Fallas? Almuerzo

Not a food per se but a whole meal. Almuerzo is the Valencia  version of a brunch. It is way less fancy but very satisfying.

If you visit a bar in the city before noon you will find in display as many ingredients as you can imagine: sausages, chicken, vegetables, tortillas… you name it!

Foods Fallas Valencia
Fallas de Valencia foods

Almuerzo is a set up menu costing sprung 5 or 6€ that consists of a bocadillo (Aka baguette) filled with whichever ingredients you pick from the bar and serve with a drink, olives, peanuts and, when you finish, a coffee.

An experience you should enjoy if you are in town for fallas!

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