A concept so Spanish that you will not find a translation and still, a must know custom if you visit Spain. What is Sobremesa?

What is Sobremesa? The best of all the eating customs in Spain

What is Sobremesa in Spain?

Sobremesa is everything that happens after a special meal in Spain. Once everyone is done eating it is the custom to just stay in the table chatting.

During Sobremesa people might have a coffee after the meal to help them stay awake but also digestif liqueurs as an excuse to elongate the occasion.

What is sobremesa
What is Sobremesa / Louis Hansel / www.unsplash.com

Sometimes it might even turn into something stronger and people might also have stronger drinks such a gin and tonic.

Essentially, it involves a good conversation with friends after a lovely meal when you are full, content and satisfied with no other thing to do but enjoy each other’s company.

Sobremesa in Spanish Restaurants

While it is disappearing, in some Spanish restaurants they will offer you a complementary shot of liquor after your meal.

Popular ones include pacharán (a sloe brandy), orujo (pomace liqueur) or something more creamy. In some places they even offer non alcoholic ones for kids.

What is sobremesa
What is Sobremesa / Michal Malota / www.unsplash.com

Sobremesa is the reason why having to pick a time slot for lunch or dinner is it very frown upon in Spain. People are just used to just have their table up to 5 or 6 pm to just stay on it chatting and drinking after their meal.

Does it happen at every meal?

Sobremesa happens after a meal in Spain. Not the everyday meal you have in your work break but the more special meals that normally take place in the weekend.

It will surely happen at restaurants if you get together with friends or family for a lunch or dinner but it also takes place if you have people over at your house.

sobremesa spain
Sobremesa Spain / Ed Orozco / www.unsplash.com

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