Sobremesa is most Spaniards favorite part of a meal. If you want to understand this cherished Spanish tradition do not miss these facts about Sobremesa.

1. Facts about Sobremesa: It is how Spanish people bond

During sobremesa people engage in conversations, share stories and find things in common while having a laugh. That is how Spanish people bond with family and friends.

Facts about Sobremesa tradition
Facts about the Sobremesa tradition

2. In fact, sobremesa literally translates as “over the table”

But it really means the time spend chatting, drinking, and even eating some more, with friends and family after a meal without leaving the table.

3. Important facts about sobremesa: Be in no rush

Some restaurants are now kicking you out in order to accommodate the next group and Spaniards are not loving it. Sobremesa can last for hours as people are ordering drinks and if they are having fun they will be in no rush to leave.

4. It always happens in celebrations

Any family or friends gathering might end in a long sobremesa if everyone is having fun. However, in special occasions like birthdays or holidays it is almost guaranteed.

Facts about Sobremesa tradition
Facts about Sobremesa tradition / / Beth Macdonald

5. A fact about sobremesa: It starts with coffee

Sobremesa normally starts with the coffee. Much needed as in order to enjoy it you must skip a very much needed nap after the big meal you just had.

6. Facts about the sobremesa tradition: It is very common to have spirits

It might begin with a coffee but after coffee and dessert is very common to have a drink or digestif liquor.

Facts about Sobremesa tradition
Facts about Sobremesa tradition / / Dmytro Ostapenko

7. The liquors you have during sobremesa vary between regions as each has its traditions

While most young people will just have gin and tonics during sobremesa, traditionally people enjoy the local drinks.

In Navarra, for example, they make a sloe liquor, while in the Balearic Islands they have a local herb drink made with rosemary, chamomile and lemon leaves among others.

8. In restaurants some liquors might be free

This tradition seems to be disappearing in the most modern restaurants but in the most traditional ones the house will offer you a complementary digestif shot after your meal.

9. In a restaurant if they bring the check without asking it is considered rude

In some countries they might give you the check straight after the food. In Spain they will not bring it unless you ask for it. If they bring the bill without asking it is a subtle way to ask you to leave and it is very frown upon.

Facts about Sobremesa tradition
Facts about Sobremesa tradition / / Jessie Mccall

10. What to do when the check arrives after sobremesa

If everyone is drinking during sobremesa the bill will be split evenly.

However, if some people are not drinking, the lunch bill will be split evenly and only the people drinking will pay for the drinks.

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