If you find yourself in the island and are wondering what to eat we bring you the best Lanzarote foods to try to experience the local cuisine.

What to eat in Lanzarote? The best Lanzarote foods you must try in the island

1. Limpets or Lapas with mojo

Some sort of a mussel-like shellfish, but chewier and more meaty. They are cooked and serve with mojo sauce.

lanzarote foods
Lanzarote Foods / Y J / www.unsplash.com

2. Fresh fish, a basic of the Lanzarote foods

As fresh as it gets. Some local fishes include sama, tuna, hake, grouper, croaker and eel. It might be served grilled, fried or cooked in the oven. The sides normally include potatoes with mojo.

what to eat in Lanzarote
What to eat in Lanzarote / Y J / www.unsplash.com

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3. What to eat in Lanzarote? Octopus with green mojo or Pulpo con mojo verde

This one is one of our favourite tapas of all time. The octopus is grilled and served with mojo sauce. Simple yet delicious!

best food in lanzarote
What to eat in Lanzarote / Y J / www.unsplash.com

4. Wrinkled potatoes with mojo sauce or Papas con Mojo, the most typical food from Lanzarote and all the Canary Islands

A classic in all the Canary Islands. New potatoes boiled and roasted so the surface wrinkles served with mojo sauce.

Fuerteventura Food
Lanzarote Foods / Y J / www.unsplash.com

5. Lanzarote wines

The unique area of La Geria produces very interesting wines in volcanic soil. The most famous one is the malvasia white on the sweet side of the whites.

best food in lanzarote
Best Food in Lanzarote / www.elgrifo.com

6. The most homemade of the Lanzarote foods: Garbanzas or chickpea stew

A very homey food specialty. The chickpeas are cooked with potatoes, red peppers, onions, chorizo, bacon and other meats, depending on the recipe. Very filling an intense!

7. Barraquito coffee

A coffee specialty you only find in the Canary Islands. The coffee is mixed with condensed milk, liquor, lemon and cinnamon. A very sweet end to a meal!

Lanzarote foods
Lanzarote foods / www.lidl.com

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