On the contrary to popular belief, it does get cold in Spain, and, when temperatures drop, the most traditional Spanish dishes come to life. Meats, soups, stews… Spaniards pack in the calories to keep them warm. But do you know these Spanish foods for Autumn?

Spanish foods for autumn

Migas, the favourite food for Autumn on a rainy day

Migas are one of the most traditional Spanish specialties during the cold months. The dish was originally made to use up bread that had gone too hard to eat, and it is a Spaniard’s favourite on rainy days.

The main ingredient is either breadcrumbs or flour, depending on the region, as the recipe varies depending on where you are. They are generally cooked with vegetables, sausages, bacon and chorizo.

what to eat in granada
Spanish foods for Autumn/ Migas from Bar los Pipos

Where to eat Migas in Spain?

Aragon, Castilla la Mancha, Andalucía, Murcia or Extremadura.

Meaty Spanish foods for autum: Carrilleras

Carrilleras or carrilladas are pork or beef cheeks. They are generally slow cooked in a stew with vegetables and red wine.

While cooked properly, they are one of the softest and tastiest meats you can have in a stew.

Spanish foods for autumn
Spanish foods for Autum / Carrilleras

Where to eat carrilleras in Spain?

You can find Carrilleras all over the Spanish territory.

Cocido, a classic in Madrid

Cocido Madrileño is one of the most complete slow cooked soups you will get to try. It is made with vegetables, pork, chicken, serrano ham, chorizo and chickpeas.

It is traditionally served separately; you get a bowl of broth and there will be a serving tray in the middle of the table with all the ingredients for you to pick the ones you prefer and add to your soup.

Spanish foods for autumn
Spanish foods for Autum / Cocido / Salvatore G2 / Flickr

Where to eat cocido in Spain?

Cocido is originally from Madrid.

Michirones, very typical in Murcia for Autumn

Michirones are a type of beans that can only be found in a very specific region in the Mediterranean coast.

The beans are cooked in a spicy sauce with chorizo, bacon, paprika and spices. They are generally served in a small clay casserole as a tapa to share.

While you can eat the whole bean, people generally eat just the inside of them and leave the skin to the side.

spanish foods for autumn
Spanish foods for Autumn. Michirones / Jorge Hernandez Alonso

Where to eat Michirones in Spain?

You can only find Michirones in the Region of Murcia

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