If you are visiting this hidden hem have a look at the best tours in Zaragoza (2 of them free) to fully experience the city like a local!

4 epic tours in Zaragoza to enjoy the city like a local

free tours in Zaragoza
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1. Tours in Zaragoza: A tapas route in El Tubo

El Tubo is the city’s tapas area. Historical roads bursting with bars, restaurants and the most lively atmosphere in town.

The best way to experience is, of course, bar hopping!

Stop for a quick drink along with a tapa in as many bars as you can. Always ask the staff what their most famous tapa is as they tend to have specialties or a tapa they are known for.

If you want some awesome recommendations check the next suggestion and book a free tour of Zaragoza and ask the local guide for their favorite bars.

Tours in Zaragoza
Tours in Zaragoza / www.pixabay.com


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2. Zaragoza free tours: A free walking tour, the best way to discover the city

Enjoy a day of culture, history and fun facts of this amazing , once roman, city in Spain. This free tour will show you the most famous buildings and will introduce you to the roman origins of the city.

As a plus you will get some epic tapas and restaurant recommendations for you to go on your very own tapas tour.

3. Zaragoza tourist bus

A very cheap way of discovering the city if you are not up for much walking!

The bus includes 16 spots around town, a ticket is valid for 24 hours and you can hop on and off the bus as many times as you want.

Stops include all the famous landmarks like Basilica del Pilar, the Seo, the Expo, the Palace and the University and it includes an audio guide.

Tickets cost 8€ and, at the time we wrote this post, where available only on weekends during peak touristic season.

4. The night bus

Tours in Zaragoza
Tours in Zaragoza / www.pixabay.com

A twist on the touristic bus!

If you fancy seeing town with its night lights after your dinner the night bus will take you on a non stop tour around town. It takes just over an hour, making it a lovely pre or post dinner plan.

With your ticket not only you will have access to this night tour but you can also use it for 24h and get the day touristic bus as many times as you want.

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