Despite the city being more than 2000 years old Zaragoza remains pretty unknown among tourists. Discover one of the most charming cities in Spain with our list of 10 things to do in Zaragoza to enjoy the city like a local.

10 things to do in Zaragoza to enjoy the city like a local

1. Basilica del Pilar

One of the most famous cathedrals in Spain. This stunning building has been in construction for seven centuries as it started in the XIII century and the last tower was not built until the XX.

After the bus tour they show they demonstrate you how hot the ground and the area still is.

Things to do in Zaragoza
Things to do in Zaragoza / AG Pics /

2. Things to do in Zaragoza. The best panoramic views from the San Francisco de Borja tower

When you visit the Basilica take the elevator that takes you to the San Francisco de Borja tower  to enjoy a pretty epic view of the city.


3. Plaza del Pilar, the most famous square in town

You will find the Basilica but also the city hall, other churches and a sphere that represents the discovery of America.

Things to see in Zaragoza
Zaragoza things to see / AKuptsova /

4. The tube is not what you think

There is an area in the historical city center that you will not want to miss. Its name is El Tubo and it is famous because is an area full of bars serving the yummiest tapas with wines and cañas (Small beers).

Every bar has its speciality and we recommend you pop by few bars having a bite in each of them.

Things to do in Zaragoza
Things to do in Zaragoza / Daniel Nebrera /

5. Free tour to discover the city’s secrets

No better way to travel back in time but with a tour of the city to unveil all the secrets behind the current Zaragoza.

In Roman times it was known as Caesaraugusta but it also has a rich Muslim history. Discover all the city’s secrets with this free walking tour.

6. Zaragoza things to see: The Roman walls

When the city was part of the Roman Empire its walls were 3000 meters long. Nowadays only 80 meters remain and you can see them.

7. The expo and the water park for a lovely day

The Zaragoza Expo took place in 2008 and the area makes a lovely thing to do in the city. Green areas, an artificial beach, playgrounds and a canal in which you can relax o be a little more adventurous by renting a kayak.

You can also walk around the building that once held the international exposition of 2008.

Things to do in Zaragoza
Things to do in Zaragoza / Gerhard_Romero /

8. Things to do in Zaragoza: a visit to the Central Market

Food as fresh as it gets and a building inspired by Les Halles in Paris. They sell groceries but you will also find drinks and nibbles. A great way to dive in the local’s everyday life.

Things to do in Zaragoza
Things to do in Zaragoza /

9. El Salvador Cathedral

Located nearby the Basilica del Pilar you will find this cathedral. What makes it very unique is that it was built over the remains of a mosque and the Roman forum. Layers and layers of history to be discovered!

10. Things to do in Zaragoza. Visit the Roman ruins

One of the oldest places in Zaragoza are its roman remains, as the roman city was founded in the year 14 bC.

If you like Roman ruins you can visit the theater, forum, the port and the baths. Each one is a museum and you can get joined tickets so save money and visit them all.

Things to see in Zaragoza
Zaragoza things to see /

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