As the main vegetable producer in Europe there is so much flavor waiting for you in Spain. Have a look at the 5 vegan Spanish tapas you should try on your next trip.

5 Vegan Spanish tapas you should try on your next trip

1. Vegan Spanish tapas: Artichokes

Spain goes crazy during artichoke season (November to March) with restaurants including them in their menus and people making the most out of this lovely vegetable.

There are many ways to cook them but they are so delicious it doesn’t really matter. One of our favorite is have them peeled, boiled, opened and then slightly fried.

Vegan Spanish Tapas
Vegan Spanish Tapas /

2. Chickpeas with spinach

A very famous tapa in the south of Spain. It was very popular as a dish to have during lent, as eating meat is not allowed.

The recipe is very simple, they are both cooked with garlic and spices. Make sure you try it if you visit Andalusia!

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Vegan Tapas

3. Vegan Tapas: Calçots

In Spain many specialties turn around the seasonal vegetables. If you visit Catalonia any time from January to April there is something you must try: calçots.

They are some variety of sweet onion that only grows in Catalonia. People grilled them over charcoal and you have to peel them and dip them in a sauce called Romesco made with tomato, nuts, onion, garlic, peppers, bread and olive oil.

It gets so messy you will very likely being offer a vibe to put on, even in fancy restaurants. If you have the chance to try it do not miss it!

Vegan Tapas
Vegan Tapas /

4. Padron Peppers

These green and small peppers only grow in the north of Spain so if you visit the area make sure to try them.

They are very tasty and have a twist to them, some of them are spicy. However, you are only likely to find the odd spicy one if you have them in the north where they are from. In the south of Spain we have a never found a spicy one.

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5. Vegan Spanish tapas: Gazpacho

A must in summer!

It is original from Andalusia, but in summer you will find it all over Spain. Gazpacho is a cold soup made with tomato, green pepper, cucumber, garlic, olive oil and bread.

People serve it with some topping on tp like chopped peppers and croutons.

Vegan Spanish Tapas
Vegan Spanish Tapas /

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