While not very well known for tourist, the Aragon area is famous all over the locals for the quality of their food. If you like meats and hearty homemade meals and are wondering what to eat do not miss the most famous Zaragoza food specials.

What to eat in Zaragoza? The Zaragoza food you must try if you like hearty meals

1. Zaragoza food. The most famous roast: Ternasco

Famous not only in Zaragoza but in the Aragon region. Ternasco is a type of lamb that you will only find in this area.

The most typical way to have it is roasted with potatoes.

Zaragoza food
Zaragoza food / https://restaurantemetodo.es/

2. Migas, a Spanish trash cooking special

Migas is what you get from using the old bread that has gone hard. You basically soak the hard bread in water and then fry it with all the ingredients to it becomes tasty crumbs.

There are as many recipes as households but in Zaragoza you normally have them with lamb fat, grapes, melon and very ofter meats like chorizo or bacon to then add a fry egg.

Zaragoza food
Zaragoza food / https://comecomezaragoza.es/


3. What to eat in Zaragoza? Borrajas

A vegetable so particular it is very likely that only people from the region knows it. It translate as borage, but we will not blame you if you have never heard of it.

The most common way of having it is boiled with potatoes.

What to eat in Zaragoza
What to eat in Zaragoza? https://www.elperiodicodearagon.com/

4. Zaragoza food. Huevos al salmorrejo

Please be aware is salmorrejo, not salmorejo as the summer soup. The recipe is very simple yet tasty. You fry sausages and other meats with asparagus, garlic and eggs. Then for a extra deliciousness touch you add a bit of broth and let it cook for a bit.

zaragoza food
Zaragoza food / Cocinero diario

5. Bacalao ajoarriero, a fish with a story

How is cod a typical dish from a region with no sea? It does have an explanation!

This dish became popular at a time in which people did not even have fridges. The only way to preserve the fish was having it salted so it lasted longer.

The recipe contains salted cold cooked with vegetables and typically served in a clay pot.

what to eat in zaragoza
What to eat in Zaragoza? / https://www.petitchef.es/

6. Zaragoza sweet food to try: Aragon fruit

If you have a sweet tooth yo do not want to miss this twist on fruit to make them as sweet as they get.

The fruit is chopped and candied to then cover it with chocolate. Sounds deliriously sweet but please be aware we doubt it counts as a healthy fruit dessert.

zaragoza food
Zaragoza food / Wikipedia

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