If you are a seafood lover and are wondering how do Spaniards eat octopus do not miss these 5 Spanish Octopus dishes to die for.

How do Spaniards eat octopus? 5 Spanish Octopus Dishes you must try

1. How do Spaniards eat octopus? A feira

The to go recipe if you visit Galicia, where it comes from. Pulpo a Feira is one of the most famous and looked after Spanish tapas.

The octopus is boiled, originally in a copper cauldron on the fire, and then chopped and served on a wooden plate. Some people, to add some extra flavor, will add some of the water used to boil it on the plate.

how do spaniards eat octopus
How do Spaniards eat Octopus? / www.pixabay.com

Once served, thick salt, paprika and olive oil are added on top of it. Simple yet delicious as its flavor comes from the quality of the octopus, locally sourced.

The name “A Feira” means from the fair. This recipe became popular in the pop up fairs where people will sell it.

2. Spanish Octopus Dishes: A la Gallega

Some people confuse this with A Feira, the original recipe. A la Gallega is how you normally find it outside Galicia.

It is very similar with only one difference, in Pulpo a la Gallega, apart from the octopus you will find boiled potatoes underneath it.

Spanish Octopus Dishes
Spanish Octopus Dishes / https://recetinas.com/

3. Pulpo con Mojo verde

A recipe from the Canary Island. The local octopus in the islands is smaller. For this recipe the octopus will be fried and served with local sauce mojo verde, made with garlic and coriander.

The octopus will be crispy outside and tender inside and the sauce is slightly spicy. A must if you visit the Canaries!

Spanish Octopus Dishes
Spanish Octopus Dishes

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4. Spanish octopus dishes: Salpicon de Pulpo

A must if you visit Spain in summer. This refreshing tapa is made with boiled octopus, raw green and red pepper onion and a vinaigrette.

You will always find it served cold as it is a refreshing summer recipe. It will often also have boiled langostines on it.

Spanish Octopus Dishes
Spanish Octopus Dishes / www.pixabay.com

5. How do Spaniards eat octopus? Pulpo al horno

If you visit Murcia, this tapa is a must. It is a very typical thing to order before lunch as an appetizer.

This one is always made with a very big octopus as they chop it and sell it by the piece. They put it in the oven with brandy, beer, pepper and bay leaves.

It is extremely tasty and very tender!

How do Spaniards eat Octopus
How do Spaniards eat Octopus? / ttps://pbs.twimg.com

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