It does not come as a surprise that Spaniards have dinner late. So late they need an extra meal in between lunch and dinner called Merienda. Discover the best Spanish snacks to enjoy for merienda.

La Merienda in Spain. The 6 best Spanish snacks

1. Torreznos, one of the best Spanish snacks

Torreznos are similar to pork scratching, however, the Spanish version includes not just the skin, but a bit of the meat, aka bacon.

A good one must be very crispy in the outside and meaty and juicy inside. You will find casual version in bars but also more elaborated ones in restaurants.

Best Spanish Snacks
Best Spanish Snacks

2. Napolitanas, a classic snack for Spanish merienda

They look like pain au chocolat but they have a Spanish twist to them. While you can find them filled with chocolate you will also find them stuffed with cream or, our favorite, with ham and cheese.

You will find them in bakeries and supermarkets.

snack in spanish merienda
Snack in Spanish merienda / https://upload.wikimedia.or

3. Papas con olivas

A classic, you might even be giving this one complimentary in some bars. Our favorite way of serving is Murcia style. The crisps – better if fried in olive oil – have a lemon squeeze on them and pepper and the olives are on top of them.

Best Spanish Snacks
Best Spanish Snacks /
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4. Best Spanish snacks: Bravas potatoes

While you will find bravas in pretty much every bar if you want good ones keep in mind the potatoes must be crispy and fried, not boiled. Also they must be served with alioli sauce (with garlic) and the red sauce (with sweet and spicy paprika).

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5. Empanadillas, a snack for Spanish merienda

You will find them in supermarkets and bakeries and they are a great snack to go. Empanadillas are a pastry with different fillings.

The most common ones include pisto (Vegetables with tomato), spinach and cheese or tune with boiled egg.

Snack in Spanish merienda
Snack in Spanish merienda /

6. Fuet and longaniza de pascua

This might be our favorite snack ever. Fuet and longaniza de pascua are dry pork sausages that you eat raw.

While the description might not be very appealing…wait until you try them. As kids, out favorite thing to do was cutting a piece of either fuet or longaniza de pascua and a piece of bread.

Best Spanish Snacks
Best Spanish Snacks /
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