Montanejos hot springs is an epic wild swimming area in a river in the Valencian Community. The hot springs are located in the countryside just outside the lovely village of Montanejos.

Montanejos hot springs, Valencia. The secret of eternal youth

The Montanejos hot springs

Surprisingly enough, one of the best places for a swim in Valencia is not the sea, but a river. In particular, the river Mijares when it arrives to the charming village of Montanejos.

The area with the natural hot springs is actually called Fuente de los Baños. It is one of the most special places for a swim in the Valencian Community.

Montanejos Hot Springs
Montanejos hot springs

The enchanting history of the thermal waters

People has lived in the Montanejos area since neolitical times. In fact, there is a nearby archaeological site called “La Cueva Negra” where they found evidence of those first settlements.

The waters from the Fuente de los Baños have been considered therapeutical for many decades. People in the old days will travel kilometres just to recover their health in those waters. 

Hot Springs Montanejos
Hot Springs Montanejos

However, the times we are more amazed about are the ones in which the area was inhabited by Islamic population. That happened around the XIII century.

The Islamic king Abu Zayd thought the waters in Montanejos were the secret to eternal beauty and youth.

Consequently, he built a bathing area for the ladies of his personal harem. Today you can swim in the same waters, a very special experience indeed! 

Montanejos Hot Springs
Fuente de los Baños - Montanejos hot springs Valencia

Wild swimming in the hot springs in Montanejos

The original baths of the harem do not exist anymore but you can still swim in the same waters in Fuente de los Baños. 

You can swim in many areas of the river Mijares. The Fuente de los Baños is the place with the hot springs.

You do not need special gear but we recommend river shoes like the ones below as the bottom is a bit rocky.

Hot springs Montanejos
Montanejos Hot Springs

The water comes out around 26 degrees all year long. However, be aware that, although they are far away from the usual freezing waters of any river, they are not a balmy warm bath either.

But regardless of how warm you like your bath, we can guarantee you will enjoy the breathtaking landscape and crystalline waters in one of the most beautiful parts of Valencia.

There are some hotels in the village should you decide to stay the night and the one we stayed in even has spa facilities to get the most out of the therapeutical properties of these amazing waters.

Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares
Hotel Rosaleda de Mijares , Montanejos. Can't beat that view!

We stayed in Hotel Rosaleda del Mijares as its location is spectacular, right by the river, and the rooms are modern and nice.

They also have a bar right by the river to enjoy a drink with an epic view, and spa facilities to chill at the end of the day.

However, while we generally liked the hotel, we didn’t love the food so getting a deal with dinner is something we do not recommend. You will be better off exploring the restaurants in the village. The town is quite small and you will find everything within a 5 min walk.

Where to eat in Montanejos

Undoubtedly, the best option for lunch is a picnic by the river near Fuente de los Baños.

There are plenty of lovely spots and you can buy everything you need in the local grocery stores in the village of Montanejos.

where to eat in montanejos
Montanejos Hot Springs

If you are looking for a nice spot for dinner we went to La Sede, a restaurant in Montanejos, and we really enjoyed the grilled meats and the octopus!

Montanejos hot springs in winter

You can swim in the river in Montanejos all year long but keep in mind the temperatures in winter can be as low as 2°C!

While the water will feel warmer than the outside be aware it will be indeed really cold when you get out! 

How to get to Monta
Hot Springs Montanejos

Useful information if you visit Montanejos hot springs, Valencia.

  • While you can visit Montanejos all year long, the place gets very crowded in summer, specially at the weekends. An ideal time to visit is spring or the month of September.

  • Some months you need to purchase a ticket to get in. More information on the area and tickets here.

  • There is a bar right next to the hot springs to enjoy a cold (or hot!) drink after your swim but the food options are very limited (At least last time we visited). 
  • Conveniently, you will also find bathrooms.
  • There are wonderful hike trails around.
  • If you need help to get there you can check this post on how to get to Montanejos from Valencia.
  • If you would like to find similar things to do near Valencia have a look at this post with information about The Bride’s jump, in Navajas. You can also have a dip in the river there but the water are not thermal!

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