If you visit Spain be aware the food specialities change a lot in between regions: If you find yourself in the city make sure to try these 7 of the most traditional typical foods in Barcelona.

Traditional typical food in Barcelona. The 7 you can not miss

1. Pan con tomate, the most typical food in Barcelona

Simple yet everyone loves it. Toasted bread with a pinch of salt, tomato and olive oil. You split the tomato in half and then rub it on the bread.

Typical food in Barcelona
Typical food in Barcelona

2. Butifarra, the sausage you can not miss

Made with pork and spices butifarra is a classic in the Catalonia Region. There are a couple of versions, one to cook and one boiled that is eaten like a cold cut.

One of the most typical ways to eat them is in a dish with white beans called Butifarra amb mongetes.

Traditional food in Barcelona
Traditional food in Barcelona

3. Calçots, a seasonal but traditional food in Barcelona

A variety of spring onion very popular in Catalonia. They are only available in between the end of winter and spring. The traditional way of eaten them is pretty unique. You first roast them until pretty much burnt, then peel them and then dip them in romesco sauce. A bit of a mess but absolutely delicious!

Typical food in Barcelona
Typical food in Barcelona
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4. Black rice, a typical food in Barcelona for seafood lovers

Very typical specially in summer and by the coast. While the recipe varies between restaurants is a paella style rice cooked with seafood and calamari ink. If you want to try paella in Barcelona this is the version you should look for if you are looking for authenticity.

las canteras restaurants
Traditional food in Barcelona

5. Crema Catalana, the to go dessert

Crema Catalana is a dessert very similar to the French creme brulé made with egg jog and milk and a layer of burned sugar on top. It originated in nuns convents in Catalonia.

Typical food in Barcelona
Typical food in Barcelona / https://canalcocina.es/

6. A bikini, the most typical breakfast food in Barcelona

In Catalonia, a bikini is a warm ham and cheese sandwich. They became popular in the fifties as they were served in a dancing hall called Sala Bikini.

7. Escudella, the most traditional soup in Barcelona

A winter classic in Barcelona. A vegetable broth with a very peculiar pasta called pallets served with a meatball. It is traditionally served in Christmas.

Traditional food in Barcelona
Traditional food in Barcelona

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