The Embalse de Sichar reservoir, in Castellon, is a wonderful reservoir with waters that resemble the gorgeous turquoises of the mediterranean rather than the green muddy waters you might expect from a lake.

Sichar Reservoir
Sichar Reservoir

We discovered it on a random summers day while looking for a river in the country to go for a dip, avoiding the overcrowded beaches of the Region of Valencia.

There was very little information online but after seeing a couple of pictures we decided to investigate if it was as stunning as it looked.

A peaceful day at the Embalse de Sichar Reservoir in Castellon

How to get to Embalse de Sichar Reservoir from Valencia

It takes around an hour’s drive from Valencia to reach the area where it is located.

As you approach Sichar, the greenery starts to take over transporting you to the deep Spanish countryside!

A sea of pines welcome you, and, soon enough you will occasionally get a glimpse of turquoise among the greenery. Never have I ever seen waters of that colour in the countryside.

Driving around the lake itself was delightful and full of stunning spots for pictures.

Embalse de Sichar Castellon
Embalse de Sichar Castellon

What to do in Sichar Reservoir

There are also some hiking trails in the area. There is one in particular that heads up to reach the most epic panoramic view of the lake and its islands. Unfortunately it was way too hot for a hike so we headed straight to the designated area for swimming.

The leisure area is equipped with picnic tables, plenty of trees for shade and even barbecues for anyone to use (you will need to bring everything and check first if it is allowed, as sometimes due to the risk of wildfires it is forbidden to light a fire during the summer).

Embalse de Sichar Reservoir
Embalse de Sichar Reservoir

You can park right by the lake to avoid having to walk around carrying all your stuff. Very much appreciated in the summer heat!

  • If you are looking for a place to stay near the Sichar Reservoir the closest village is Onda but you will only find this hotel in the village. >

Swimming in the lake in Castellon

We went straight to the water, and, whilst it was not as crystal clear as the mediterranean (it is still a lake with mud instead of sand, after all) it was refreshing and the surroundings were epic. Special shoes like the ones below to get in the lake are recommended.

Cold and fresh, we grabbed a table and set up our picnic ready for a relaxing day in the country.

The only sounds were the crickets. It is not often that you find yourself in summer, in Spain, in a place that is not only impressive but also peaceful!

Sichar Reservoir
Sichar Reservoir

Important information if you visit Embalse de Sichar Reservoir, Castellon

  • If you visit in summer, it is always better to go on a weekday as the weekend will be busier.
  • To find the leisure area, find these coordinates in Google Maps:  40.021503, -0.239485

  • You can rent a kayak in the lake by contacting this company>

  • This is the route for the hike to the panoramic view “Mirador del Sichar“ but contact the official tourism web for more info if you decide to hike.

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