Naming a child is a difficult business. Not only you want to pick something unique, but also you need to watch out for mean rhymes so that your child doesn’t get picked on at school.

We hope you find the inspiration in this article and it becomes easier with the most popular Spanish baby boy names.

Spanish baby boy names 2020
Spanish baby boy names 2020 / Aditya Romansa / Unplash /

For the last couple of decades we have seen how the way Spanish people name their children is changing, but there are some habits that are becoming persistent trends such as:

  • A preference for the all-time-classic timeless names normally from the bible. Example of this are Mateo, Marcos, Lucas, Juan… all Apostles.
  • Names in local dialects (like Catalan or Euskera). For example Arnau or Asier.
  • International names such as Axel or Noah.
  • The occasional baby boy named after a TV character. We have heard of a Goku (Dragon Ball) and Jon (Games of Thrones) is already one of the top 100 names for boys.

The most popular Spanish baby boy names in 2020.

  • Hugo
  • Martin
  • Lucas
  • Mateo
  • Leo
  • Daniel
  • Alejandro
  • Pablo
  • Manuel
  • Alvaro
  • Adrian
  • David
  • Mario
  • Enzo
  • Diego
  • Marcos
  • Izan
  • Javier
  • Marco
  • Alex
  • Bruno
  • Oliver
  • Miguel
  • Thiago
  • Antonio
  • Marc
  • Carlos
  • Angel
  • Juan
  • Gonzalo

You can check the official list of the most common Spanish baby boy names in 2020 and previous years here but please note the web is only available in Spanish.

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