Spanish people are not new to temperatures reaching crazy numbers in summer. Consequently, with the years they have developed a system to cope. We bring you the secrets to survive a heatwave in Spain.

10 tips to cope with a heatwave in Spain

1. Keeping hydrated, the most important thing in a heatwave

Drink a lot of water even if you are not thirsty. Sugary drinks and alcohol will not keep you hydrated.

2. The importance of the blinders during a heatwave in Spain

Put the blinders down so the sun does not get in the house. The dark will be your ally to keep the house as cool as possible.

heatwave in spain
Heatwave in Spain / Martin Adams

3. What to do with the windows during a heatwave in Spain

If it is too hot and there is no flow of wind, do not even open the windows until the evening when temperatures go down.

4. House appliances

Do not use the oven to cook as it will make the house warmer. This also work for any other electronic devices that produce heat.

5. Spanish food in a heatwave

Do not eat heavy meals and opt for gazpachos, salads or vegetables.

heatwave in spain
Heatwave in Spain /

6. Where to go in a heatwave in Spain

Avoid being outside in hotter hours of the day and try to be in places with either AC or very good ventilation.

If you must be outside stay in the shade, specially between 13 and 17h.

7. Working out during a heatwave

Avoid any workout, specially in the hottest hours of the day.

8. The key item to take with you if you are in Spain during a heatwave

Bring a hand fun with you.

Heatwave in Spain
Heatwave in Spain / Daniel Apodaca /

9. What to wear in Spain when it is hot

Wear light colored baggy clothes made of natural fabrics. Fitted clothes will make you sweat more and will be very uncomfortable if you get bloated.

Wear a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses if you are heading out.

10. The best place to cool down in a heatwave

If you happen to be by the sea, stay in the shade and go in the water often. Alternatively, just take showers.

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