Discover the most Instagrammed places in Spain, where captivating beauty meets cultural charm.

The 8 most instagrammed places in Spain

8. Mezquita de Córdoba

Andalusian architecture, Muslim art, and Gothic and Renaissance twists. The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba celebrated its 35th year as a UNESCO World Heritage Site last year, and its uniqueness justifies why it has become the most important and most visited monument in the Andalusian city.

Photo spots in Spain / Gabriel Trujillo

7. Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona

And after a brief detour to Madrid we are back to Barcelona! This modernist architectural gem, transformed into one of Barcelona’s most important cultural centers, resembles a magical music box thanks to the natural light that filters through the glass that covers its central structure. The sight undeniably encourages photography.

Instagram friendly places in Spain
Palau de la Musica /

6. Monasterio de El Escorial. Madrid

Located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984. A masterpiece of the Renaissance. The complex has a royal palace, a basilica, a pantheon, a library, and a school.

Most Instagrammed places in Spain
Most Instagrammed places in Spain / / Hernan Gonzalez

5. Many of the most Instagrammed places in Spain are in Barcelona, like La Pedrera

The last great work of Gaudí, built during his naturalistic period, is another of the most photographed places, thanks to the creativity and imagination found within its six floors. A must-visit for anyone traveling to the Ciudad Condal.

Most Instagrammed places in Spain
Most Instagrammed places in Spain / / Tania Carreira

4. Casa Batlló, Barcelona

With one million visitors per year, this famous modernist construction by Gaudí, located on Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia, is a reflection of the architect’s artistic peak. Its facade alone is mesmerizing.

Most Instagrammed places in Spain
Most Instagrammed places in Spain / / Hernan Gonzalez

3. Park Güell, Barcelona

And back to Barcelona. The third most intriguing spot for Instagrammers is located in the upper part of Barcelona. It is a remarkable and pretty unique park designed by Gaudí during his naturalist period.

Most Instagrammed places in Spain / vitor-monteiro

2. Alhambra, Granada

The architectural complex of the Alhambra is one of the most visited places in Spain. Not only is it spectacular but also its preservation is excellent. Located high above the city of Granada, this fortress with its reddish hues treasures rooms of great beauty.

1. Sagrada Família, Barcelona. The most Instagrammed place in Spain

Antoni Gaudí’s spectacular temple has become the most featured on Instagram in all of Spain. Despite being unfinished, the Sagrada Família, the ultimate example of Catalan modernist architecture, ignites passions among travelers from around the world.

Most Instagrammed places in Spain
Most Instagrammed places in Spain / / Diego Allen

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