When it comes to experiencing the best tapas in Córdoba, you are in for a treat. This historic city in Andalusia, Spain, offers many mouthwatering food options.

The 7 best tapas from Córdoba that locals treasure

1. Salmorejo, the most famous of the Córdoba foods

The most famous of the foods from Córdoba. A thicker and creamier version of gazpacho, it is a cold tomato soup often garnished with boiled egg and jamón serrano.

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Córboda foods

2. Flamenquin, one of the best tapas from Córdoba

A very popular tapa made pork meat wrapped in slices of ham and then coated in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried. Crispy and tasty!

Best tapas Cordoba
Best Tapas Córdoba / www.unileverfoodsolutions.es

3. Mazamorra, a unique soup and one of the best tapas in Córdoba

A soup of Roman origins. It is made  with bread, olive oil, salt and vinegar that sometimes can also have beans or almonds. It was originally “trash cooking” so recipes vary.

Best tapas Cordoba
Best Tapas Córdoba / www.bonviveur.es

4. Ox tale

A very tender, slow-cooked stew. A hearty and flavorful tapa with a rich and savory sauce.

Best tapas Cordoba
Best Tapas Córdoba / www.bonviveur.es

5. Fried aubergines, a food specialty you must try

Sliced and fried crispy aubergine drizzled with honey for a sweet and savory combination. It sounds simple but it is very delightful.

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Cordoba foods

6. Montillana artichokes

You will find them in many corners of the Andalusian community but it is a traditional recipe from Córdoba. Its main ingredients, as we can easily deduce from its name, are artichokes and they are cooked with wine from Montilla-Moriles.

7. Japuta, the best fish tapa from Córdoba

Japuta, also known as palometa, is a fish that, when marinated, becomes one of the most typical dishes of Cordoban gastronomy.

The fish is cut into clean pieces without skin and bones, marinated with garlic, sweet paprika, oregano, and olive oil for about 8 hours and then coated with flour and fried.

Best tapas Cordoba
Foods from Cordoba / https://recetinas.com/

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