Asturias, a culinary wonderland up north in Spain, is as unknown to foreigners as delicious. We will bring you today the best of the Asturias cuisine so you do not miss any of the foods that the region famous for.

Asturias cuisine. The 5 foods you should not miss

1. Fabada Asturiana, the most famous of the Asturias foods

A very hearty – and heavy!- stew people make with local white beans, chorizo, blood pudding sausage – morcilla in Spanish- and pork.

It is the most famous food from the area, very well known all over Spain.

Asturias foods
Asturias foods / Javier Lastras / Flickr

2. Cachopo, our favorite of the Asturias cuisine

A lovely slice of beef meat wrapped with different ingredients – popular ones include ibérico ham and local cheese – breaded, fried and served with french fries and veggies. A must try in the area.

Asturias Cuisine
Asturias Cuisine /

3. Chorizo a la sidra, a tapa very popular tapa from the north

Cider is popular in the area and they not only use it for drinking but also to cook. In this tasty tapa the chorizo is cooked in cider until it is tender and infused in its flavors. Yummy!

4. What to eat in Asturias? Pastel de Cabracho

A fish pie that became popular after a local Michelin Star chef begun to serve it in the restaurant. It is made with fish, vegetables and eggs, all blended and then cooked in the oven.

Asturias Spain foods
Asturias, Spain foods

5. Pote Asturiano, a popular winter special of the Asturias cuisine

Typical in the winter days, particularly when it is raining outside. Is a stew similar to fabada but with different vegetables like collard greens.

Asturias Cuisine
Asturias Cuisine /

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