The Avila Walls, in Spain, are an impressive medieval fortification that encircle the old part of the town. Did you know these 7 interesting facts about them?

7 interesting facts about the Avila Walls

1. The impressive length of the Ávila walls

They go on for approximately 2.5 kilometers (That will be 1.5 miles) and the create a protective barrier around the old town.

Avila Walls
Ávila Walls /

2. The impenetrable history of the walls

The Walls have a reputation for being impenetrable as they successfully protected the city from numerous invasions and sieges.

And they are indeed a formidable protective device as the average thickness of the walls is 3 meters (That is around 10 feet), with some of the parts even thicker.

3. The towers of the Avila walls

You will find 88 semicircular towers distributed in the walls. Also 9 gates to enter the city.

Avila Walls
Avila Walls /

4. They are a UNESCO World Heritage Site

In 1985, they were awarded the recognition for their historical and architectural significance.

5. They lit at night

The walls are beautifully illuminated at night, creating a magical atmosphere in the old town. Something definitely worth seeing!

Avila Walls
Avila Walls / Mario LaPergola /

6. The Avila Walls have appeared in movies

These historic walls have been used as a backdrop in many films and TV series such as The Pride and the Passion with Cary Grant and Sophie Loren and The Three Worlds of Gulliver

7. They were built way before Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican

They were built i the 11th century, during Medieval times. To put it in perspective the Sixtine Chapel was created 400 years later.

The Walls of Avila are the symbol of the city and a must visit place for anyone interested in history

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