Located in a region called Castilla La Mancha, food around here could not get any more hearty. If you are wondering what to eat in Albacete, Spain check out the most popular Albacete foods you must not leave without trying.

What to eat in Albacete? The 5 Albacete foods you should not miss!

1. What to eat in Albacete? Migas

It will literally translate as breadcrumbs and that is exactly what you will get… and much more, as they are typically cooked with sausage, bacon, garlic and peppers. Rustic and flavorful, this Spanish countryside specialty is the to go dish if it rains!

Migas are a dish made from breadcrumbs, typically combined with various ingredients that change depending on who is cooking. Very popular ones are sausage, bacon, grapes, chorizo, garlic, and peppers. It’s a rustic and flavorful dish that has its roots in Spanish countryside cuisine.

what to eat in Albacete
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2. Atascaburras, the most peculiar name to one of the most popular Albacete foods

If you looked for the meaning of the word you might be surprise to find out Spaniards decided to call this food a “female donkey clogger”.

Consequently, you might be glad to know we do not eat donkey in Spain. This dish is made with salted codfish with potatoes, garlic, walnuts, and olive oil. It’s often served as a spread, similar to a dip, and is enjoyed with bread.

It is believed that this dish was created in the mountains during the winter by some shepherds that got stuck and had nothing else to eat. They were so happy with their creation that at their return, they claimed it was so filling it could even get a donkey full.

Albacete Spain foods
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3. What to eat in Albacete? Pisto, the most famous of the foods

Similar to ratatouille, this dish very simple dish is made with tomatoes, peppers, courgette, aubergine and onions. It’s a versatile dish and we eat it as a tapa, a side or even inside pastries called empanadas.

what to eat in Albacete
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4. Gazpacho Manchego, the most famous soup in Albacete

Shepards and haunters will cook this meal before heading out as it is very rich and will keep you fed for quite a long time.

The soup is made with whatever meats available, often from hauling, onions, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, paprika and a local type of flat bread that is added in pieces to the soup.  If you visit Albacete in winter is a must!

Albacete foods
Albacete foods / www.bonviveur.es

5. Other Albacete, Spain foods and drinks to try

  • Albacete belong to Castilla la Mancha so if you are a cheese lover Queso Manchego is a must.
  • The region is also well known for their sausages so if you are a meat lover do not miss the chance of trying chorizo, morcilla (blood pudding sausage) or longaniza, a traditional port one.
  • If on the other hand you have a sweet tooth go for Miguelitos de la Roda (Puff pastry filled with cream or chocolate), rosquillas (ring shaped pastries with a sweet coating) or Hojuelas, a sort of flower shaped pastry made with aniseed and served with honey on top.
  • Popular drinks in the area include Cuerva or Zurra, a refreshing wine based drink with lemonade and often fruit. They also produce their own wines so follow the local serving staff recommendations if you want to treat yourself to a wine.

If you venture to inner Spain we hope you enjoyed trying these local food recommendations!

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