If you visit this lovely Mediterranean city and are wondering what to eat in Valencia we bring you the Valencia Foods you must absolutely try.

What to eat in Valencia
What to eat in Valencia / Jurre Houtkamp / www.unsplash.com

What to eat in Valencia? 3 Valencia Foods you must absolutely try

Besides the very easy access to the Mediterranean sea the main influence in the local food is their vast expansion of crops right outside the city.

If you are planning to visit and you are wondering what to eat check out our 3 must-try-foods:

1. What to eat in Valencia? Arroz del Senyoret, a posh take on seafood paella

Surely paella is on the top of the list of things to eat in Valencia. The classic version of paella with chicken and rabbit is indeed great. However, there are many other variations worth checking.

Always depending on your personal taste you can find options with fish, seafood, meat, vegetables… even lobster!. Our personal favourite is “Arroz del Senyoret”.

What to eat in Valencia
What to eat in Valencia

People serve this local speciality in the same way as typical paella (in the big paella pan) but the main ingredients, apart from the rice, are calamari, red prawns and mussels.

However, the best part about this dish is the fact that all the shellfish is already peeled so you don’t have to bother doing it yourself.

Furthermore, “Senyoret” translates to something like “young lord”. You will eat like a lord as the everything is peeled and ready to enjoy without making a mess peeling the seafood yourself.

If you are planning to have Paella do not miss this post with the 10 facts about Paella you need to know to enjoy it like a local.

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2. Horchata, a Valencia food from a nut that only grows in the Valencian Community

Horchata is a summer beverage people serve either cold or frozen. It is is made with the milk from a tuber called “Chufa”, known in English as “Tiger nut”. People from all over Spain dream of Summer when it becomes available.

Valencia Foods
What to eat in Valencia / @horchateria.daniel

Even if you can find it in supermarkets all over Spain it is never as sweet as the fresh one you can get in Valencia. In fact, it is the only place in which this nut grows. 

Do you need an extra reason to have it? Along with your horchata it is traditional to have a “Farton”. Fartons are some sort of long doughnut for you to dip in the horchata.

3. What to eat in Valencia? Clochinas, seafood that you can only find in Valencia

“Clochinas” are a variety of mussels . They bred them only in Valencia and they are only available from approximately May to August.

While they are smaller than a mussel they also have much more flavour. The traditional recipe is simple, yet delicious – you steam them with pepper, lemon, garlic and bay leaves.

best tapas valencia
Valencia foods

In brief, with this 3 local specialities to eat in Valencia you are fully prepared to order food like a pro. ¡Que aproveche!

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