Mallorca, a beautiful Balearic island, offers a variety of delicious foods that are part of its culinary tradition. If you are wondering what to eat in Mallorca check out these traditional foods you must try.

1. Ensaimada, the most traditional food from Mallorca

This pastry is one of Mallorca’s most iconic desserts. It’s made from flour, water, sugar, eggs, dough and lard, creating a flaky and sweet treat.

In Spain, you will recognize when a flight comes from Mallorca for the people carrying them in a cardboard special box.

What to eat in Mallorca
What to eat in Mallorca? /

2. What to eat in Mallorca? Sobrasada

A soft spread made from pork. It is seasoned with paprika and spices and people normally have it on bread.

What to eat in Mallorca if you are vegetarian? Tumbet

A vegetarian dish made with aubergine, peppers and potatoes, all roasted with tomato and garlic.

what to eat in mallorca
What to eat in Mallorca? /

3. Coca de Trampo

A sort of pizza with a crispy base made with peppers, tomatoes and onions. It is a savory pastry and you will find them in bakeries.

Mallorca Traditional Foods
Mallorca Traditional Foods /

4. What to eat in Mallorca? Arroz brut

It is also called “dirty rice”. Is a stew like dish people make with rice cooked in meat broth. People cook it with vegetables, spices and, if they are in season, wild mushrooms, but ingredients vary depending on the season.

It is more typical in autumn and winter, specially in the countryside.

Mallorca Traditional Foods
Mallorca Traditional Foods /

5. Frit Mallorquì

A mix of vegetables and meat, specially liver seasoned with spices. It is more traditional inland than in the coast.

6. What to eat in Mallorca? Gató, a traditional dessert

A traditional almond cake and a popular dessert on the island. People serve it with vanilla and almond ice cream, providing a delightful contrast of flavors and textures.

What to eat in Mallorca
What to eat in Mallorca? /

7. Hierbas Mallorquinas, the most traditional drink

The most popular liqueur in the island. It is a very strong digestif made from a mix of local herbs and spices.

These are just a few of the delightful dishes you can enjoy while exploring the culinary traditions of Mallorca. Each offers a unique taste of the island’s culture and flavors.

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