There is one thing that will absolutely blow your mind as, in Granada, if you order a drink a tapa comes with it at no cost. In most bars you can pick your tapa so if you are wondering what to eat in Granada, Spain, we bring you the 5 best tapas for a fully local gastronomic experience:

what to eat in granada
What to eat in Granada Spain. The best Tapas / Jorge Fernandez Salas /

What to eat in Granada, Spain? The 5 best tapas you must try

The city of Granada is one the most stunning places in Spain. The caves in El Albaicín, where Flamenco was born, the Arab influences and the majestic Alahambra, guarding the city from the mountains, makes the city not only unique but also magical. We bring you the best tapas you must try.

One of the best tapas in Granada, Spain: Migas

Migas translates as “crumbs” but the translation does not really do the dish justice.

Migas are one of the most traditional Spanish specialties, but their recipe varies a lot depending on the region you are in. The main ingredient is either breadcrumbs or flour.

The Granada version is made with wheat and generally comes with peppers and sardines.

In Granada they are very popular in the summer but in the rest of Spain people generally fancy them on a cold rainy day as in other places they are cooked with sausages, bacon and chorizo.

what to eat in granada
What to eat in Granada Spain / Migas from Bar los Pipos

Where to eat Migas in Granada, Spain?

Some of the most popular choices include Bar Los Pipos, Los Mascarones and Restaurante Bar León.

What to eat in Granada? Patatas a lo pobre

“Poor potatos”, but do not be fooled by the name, as they are called poor because the ingredients are cheap, the flavour however could not be richer!

A yummy twist on a ration of potatoes. These ones are cut in slices and are fried with onions, garlic, peppers, and in some places they come with a fried egg on top.

Where to eat Patatas a lo pobre in Granada?

Some of the most popular choices are Taberna El Aviso and Casa Juanillo.

Cazón en adobo, one of the best fish tapas in Granada, Spain

Marinated dogfish. This Andalusian classic is a small, fried portion of fish that has been previously marinated in herbs and spices like oregano, cumin and paprika.

The best tapas in Granada Spain
The best tapas in Granada, Spain / Cazón from Bar los Diamantes

Where to eat Cazon en adobo in Granada?

Some of the most popular choices are Bar Provincias and Los Diamantes.

What to eat in Granada if you are vegetarian? Berenjenas a la miel

“Aubergines with honey”. This Andalusian classic is an example of the Arab influence in the south of Spain.

The bitterness of the aubergine and the sweetness of the honey brought together for your delight.

What to Eat in Granada, Spain . The best tapas
What to Eat in Granada, Spain . The best tapas

Where to eat Berenjenas a la miel in Granada?

Some of the most popular choices are Los Diamantes I and  Bar Casa Julio

What to eat in Granada, Spain? The best tapa of Caracoles in the city

A Spanish classic and a Granada statement tapa only for the brave, snails.

They are cooked in a sauce made with serrano ham, tomato and other herbs and vegetables. Perfect for any dipping occasion!

what to eat in granada
What to eat in Granada / Bar Aliatar los Caracoles

Where to eat snails in Granada?

The most famous bar serving this speciality is Bar Aliatar in the lovely neighbourhood of El Albaicín.

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