People in Basque Country put a lot of passion and pride into their eating and drinking traditions. If you visit the region and are wondering what to eat in Basque Country we bring you the 3 Basque Foods you can not miss.

If you are wondering what to eat in Basque Country we bring you the 3 Basque Foods you can not miss

1. What to eat in Basque Country? Txuletón is a must

Not only Basque Country is as green as it gets but also we don’t remember seeing so much livestock anywhere else we have ever visited.

Accordingly, it is no surprise that one of the local specialities not to be missed is Txuleton de Buey (Ox T-bone steak).

Basque foods
Basque Foods

This roasted local delight is generally served over a hot stone to keep it warm or to further cook it if you wish to. Its preparation is really simple and unpretentious, as this dish is all about the quality of the meat.

Get a side of Pimientos de Padrón (Padron Peppers) for the full experience!. But eat carefully as, while in general they are a smaller yet richer version of a green pepper, you might find the randomly spicy one!

2. Basque foods you must try if you like seafood: Txangurro

However, if you would rather pick something from the sea, do not miss the “Txangurro”, a local spider crab filled with its own meat and vegetables, and then grated in the oven. Just delicious.

What to eat in Basque Country
What to eat in Basque Country? / Instagram / @casacamara
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3. Txakoli, the local wine

We are assuming you might need something to wash down your feast, so we finish this list with Txakoli, a locally produced wine you will only find in Basque Country.

This white wine is young, fresh and fruity. Not only refreshing but also delightful!

Basque foods
Basque foods / Instagram / @txakolitxominetxaniz

Other Basque foods to try

These are only three of the local specialities you should not miss in you visit this Spanish region, but there are many others such as the red beans (Alubias de Tolosa), the cod dishes (Bakalao al pilpil) or their locally produced cheeses (Idiazábal cheese).

Please remember to pack an umbrella as, believe it or not, it rains more often in Basque Country than in London, but, most importantly, do not forget a pair of stretchy pants. You’re going to need them!

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