While everyone is Spain knows about them not many visitors are aware of what is a parador in Spain and why they are about the most special places you can stay in of you visit.

What is a parador? Discover the most special stays in Spain

What is a parador in Spain?

Paradores are luxury hotels managed by the Spanish state and generally located in the most picturesque buildings like castles and monasteries.

They are famous for the quality of the services they provide and because their interiors are tastefully done accordingly to the tradition of the area or the historical purpose of the building they are located in.

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What is a Parador in Spain? Parador Jarandilla de la Vera

Why are paradores so special?

The location of the paradores is always impressive, whether they are located in a convent, in a castle or in the middle of a protected reservoir.

Their customer service is always very well maintained to ensure you have a lovely stay. They are also famous for providing extraordinary culinary experiences, each parador with the most delicious local specialities of the region it is located.

As if spending the night in a castle is not special enough, paradores add to the mix an outstanding culinary experience and medieval armour to turn your stay into an epic experience you will never forget.

History of the paradores

“Paradores de Turismo en España”, how they are officially called, is a company founded in 1910 when the Spanish government decided to create hotels to improve the reputation of Spain in the rest of the world. The location of the first parador was personally selected by the king Alfonso XIII himself.

Now you know what are Paradores in Spain but.. Which are the most special ones to stay in?

There are ninety seven paradores in Spain, each of them with their own charm. However we have selected the following:

what is a parador in spain
What is a parador in Spain? / Parador de Olite

Located in one of the most medieval villages of Spain, in Navarre, staying in this parador will transport you to a past time. Visiting the Olite Castle is already pretty impressive but spending the night in it will give you a memory to last a lifetime. 

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what is a parador in spain
What is a parador in Spain? / Parador de Costa da Morte

Located in Galicia, what makes this parador special is not being located in a historical building, but the fact that it’s right by the beach and its services are outstanding. Their infinity pool overlooking the ocean is enough to make your day.

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What is a parador in Spain? / Parador de Granada

Not many people know that you can actually stay inside the Alhambra, where this parador is located in a convent. Having dinner with a view of the Alhambra gardens however, comes at a price. Staying in this parador is not for every budget.

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