A worldwide known word that we associate with delicious food from Spain but, do you really know what are tapas? Test yourself with these 10 facts about tapas you need to know to enjoy them like a local.

What are tapas? 10 facts about tapas you should know to enjoy them like a local

1. What are tapas? Not a type of food

Contrary to popular believe, they are not a type of food but a size. Ordering one means ordering a small portion.

2. Facts about tapas: You normally share them

If someone in Spain says lets order some what they intend to do is order some food for the table to share.

What are tapas
What are tapas / www.unsplash.com / katja-rooke

3. In some areas of Spain they are free

In some cities like Granada or Leon it is custom to give you a complementary small individual tapa with your drink. And we do not mean something small like olive but full elaborated delicious food.

4. What are tapas? The origin

There are many theories. Some say King Alfonso X El Sabio requested wine to be served along some food in the XIII Century to avoid people getting drunk.

Others believe the name comes from the old habit of putting a slice of bread to cover your drink (Tapa means lid) to avoid flies from getting in.

5. The most typical ones

The most famous ones are potatoe omelette, manchego cheese, serrano ham croquettes and russian salad.

what are tapas
What are tapas / www.pixabay.com / RalfGervink

6. Sometimes you do not even sit down to eat them

If you are having some informal tapas with friends it is very typical to just do it standing in the bar as some bars will have a counter with them in display.

facts about tapas
Facts about tapas / www.pixabay.com / Alvaro Nieto

7. They have a day

On the 15th of June people celebrate them worldwide.

8. What are tapas? They do not have to be a full meal

Having some tapas does not necessarily mean eating out. Some times people will just order some not to drink on an empty stomach.

9. Facts about tapas: Every Region has its own

While they are some prepared all over the Spanish territory every region has its own specialties. For example, you can only find “papas con mojo” in the Canary Island or “figatells” In Valencia.

What are tapas
What are tapas / www.unsplash.com / jonathan-kemper

10. The Basque version

In the Basque Country, north of Spain, they have pintxos instead. The main difference is that pintxos are normally served on top of a slice of bread.

Facts about tapas
Facts about tapas / www.unsplash.com / agent-j

If you go do a bar in Basque Country you will see them on display in the counter for you to pick your favorites.

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