The sunny city of Valencia has one of the best climates in Spain, and an average of only 4 days of rain per month. If you are unlucky enough to visit on one of them, you might be wondering what to do in Valencia when it rains. Here are 10 epic things to do on a rainy day in the city:

What to do in Valencia when it rains? 10 epic things to do on a rainy day

1. Art for a rainy day in Valencia. See Sorolla’s paintings in the Fine Arts Museum

Joaquín Sorolla is one of the most famous Spanish artists, and Valencia and its beaches were often featured in his painting. You can see some of them in the Fine Arts Museum, and entry is free.

What to do in valencia when it rains
What to do in valencia when it rains? Check out the fine Arts Museum

2.What to do in Valencia when it rains? Do as the Spaniards with a long lunch by the fire for a Spanish style meal

La Taula de Paula is a Spanish brasserie that specialises in grilled meats, vegetables and products from the sea.

With the fire grill lit to keep you warm, there is no better way to spend a rainy day but lunching Spanish style! Some tapas to share, a good wine, grilled meats, a coffee with your dessert, and do not forget your digestive liquor to wrap up the meal.

And for a full Spanish experience head to your hotel for a siesta!

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3. Movie in the tiniest cinema to stay warm is a great thing to do in Valencia when it rains

The smallest of all cinemas in Valencia brings movies in their original language from all over the world.

You can enjoy a selection of independent movies, and the occasional blockbuster in this very peculiar cinema.

Things to do in Valencia when it rains
Things to do in Valencia when it rains

4. Oceanogràfic, a classic thing to do in Valencia on a rainy day

Located in the City of Arts and Sciences, the Oceanografic is the biggest aquarium in Europe. It also happens to be mostly indoors so a good idea to visit on a rainy day.

5. What to do in Valencia when it rains? The Fallas Museum

Every year during the Fallas one small sculpture is pardoned from the fire. In this very unique museum you can see all the Fallas sculptures saved from the fire since 1934.

Valencia rainy day
Valencia rainy day

6. What to do in Valencia if it rains? Visit IVAM, the modern art institute

Created to promote modern and contemporary art, you will find their art collection along with temporary exhibitions.

Free entry.

7.A day in the City of Arts for an epic cinema experience on a rainy day

Spend the day in the most emblematic building in Valencia checking out the Science Museum.

In the City of Arts and Sciences you will also find the Hemisferic – a 3D and IMAX cinema for science related documentaries-.  Tickets normally cost 8€.

8. Cake and cocktails in the most picturesque bar of Valencia

Cafe de las Horas can only be defined as somewhere in between a Parisian cafeteria and the kind of place where writers will meet up to discuss their latest novels. Café de las Horas is one of the most picturesque bars in town and is definitely worth a visit.

What to do in valencia when it rains
What to do in Valencia when it rains? Cafe de Las Horas via

9. A great plan in Valencia for a rainy day: Teatro Olympia

While the plays will be in Spanish and therefore difficult to follow they often bring musicals and flamenco shows.

What to do in Valencia when it rains?
What to do in Valencia when it rains?

10. Café del Duende for the best flamenco in town

An institution for flamenco in town that has brought the best spectacles for years. They have shows Thursday to Sunday evenings and they do not that bookings, so make sure to get there before to get a place.

Tickets are 15€ with a drink included.

And if it stops raining... a Free tour!

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