If you are wondering what do Spanish people eat for breakfast in Spain we bring you the most typical Spanish breakfast foods you should try if you want to eat like a local.

Typical Spanish breakfast foods. The 8 more popular choices

1. Galletas con leche, a timeless typical Spanish breakfast food

Galletas Maria, the most famous biscuit brand in Spain, have been a part of breakfast in Spain for generations.

As kids, our personal favorite way to have them was spreading butter on them and dipping them in warm milk.

typical spanish breakfast
Typical Spanish breakfast

2. Tostadas con aceite de oliva, the most typical breakast in Spain

While we do have butter in Spain, for breakfast you will find that the spread of choice for many spaniards on toast is olive oil and a pinch of salt. The bread of choice however is baguette, not sandwich bread.

3. Tostadas con tomate, a basic breakfast food

A twist in the previous one. A toasted slice of bread with grated tomato on top, olive oil, a pinch of salt and, in some case even garlic.

Very often you will also add a slice of serrano ham to your toast.

Spanish breakfast foods
Typical Spanish breakfast foods

4. Churros con chocolate, a typical Sunday breakfast food in Spain

Not an everyday breakfast, more of a weekend thing or even an after party snack if you made it until dawn.

On the contrary to the popular believe, while sweet, churros are not a desert but a breakfast.

5. Ham and cheese on different things is a winning breakfast combo in Spain

A winning combo for Spanish people. You will find it in croissants (Croissant mixto) or as a sandwich (Sandwich mixto or bikini).

Typical Spanish breakfast
Typical Spanish breakfast

6. Sobaos, a sweet typical Spanish breakfast food

Sobaos are a classic sponge cake in an individual serving. While this breakfast is now disappearing to make room to healthier options, it was very typical to have them dipped in milk for breakfast.

Typical Spanish breakfast
Typical Spanish breakfast / www.informaciongastronomica.com

7. Pastries, a very popular choice

Croissants, napolitanas, palmeras, ensaimadas  and much more. A pastry with a coffee is a very usual breakfast in Spain.

Spanish breakfast foods
Spanish breakfast foods

8. The most popular breakfast beverage: Colacao

For years, many kids in Spain had ColaCao for breakfast. ColaCao is a Spanish brand that makes a mix of cocoa, sugar and flour powder to put in milk.

It became so popular it is not rare to also see adults having it nowadays.

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