If you are going to travel to Spain in summer there are some things to know before planning your trip if you want to enjoy it to its fullest.

7 Things you need to know if you want to travel to Spain in Summer

1. The most important thing to know before you travel to Spain in summer: the weather

Unlike the popular beliefs,  the weather in Spain really changes depending on the region and you need to keep it in mind. 

It will be too hot to visit Seville in summer but if you go to Aragon you might need a jacket. Always check the average temperatures of the places you want to visit in the month you want to visit.

2. In the south and in some cities, it might be too hot

It is not uncommon for some places in Spain to reach temperatures over 40 °C. Sightseeing and walking around, for example, in Madrid or Cordoba in August is not only a bad idea but a dangerous one.

travel to spain in summer
Travel to Spain in Summer / federico-giampieri / www.unsplash.com

3. If you travel to Spain in Summer be aware of the crowds

Schools close from mid June to mid September and it is not uncommon for families to have a second residency by the beach or staying with relatives that do so. As a result, specially in July and August, some beach places are overcrowded.

4. Plan around the fact that might need to avoid the central hours of the day

You should avoid the peak of the heat between 14:00 and 17:00 as it is not recommended to be out and about. Having a nice siesta in your hotel or by the beach in a shade are the perfect alternatives.

travel to spain in summer
Travel to Spain in Summer / mr / www.unsplash.com

5. Some places might be closed in Summer

It is not uncommon for restaurants and local shops to take time off and close in summer if they are not in a touristic or beach spot.

6. The prices of accommodation in some touristic places goes insane

For example, in Mar Menor , where we have spent many summers, an hotel in August cost 140€ per night but in September the price goes down to 70€.

travel to spain in summer
Travel to Spain in Summer / david-svihovec / www.unsplash.com

7. The best dates to travel

June and September are, by far, the best months to come to Spain as the weather is nice and places are cheaper and not too busy.

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