La Tomatina festival, in Spain, is, with no doubt, one of the most insane festivities all over the world and a great example of Spanish eccentricity. Have a look at these 10 facts about La Tomatina festival that will amuse and surprise you!

La Tomatina Festival facts
La Tomatina Festival facts /

La Tomatina Festival in Spain. 10 facts that will amuse you

1. La Tomatina festival in fact does not happens on the same day every year

It takes place on the last Wednesday of August.

2. The festival provide the tomatos you throw

You do not need to bring your own.

La Tomatina festival Spain
La Tomatina festival Spain /

3. An unknown fact about the Tomatina festival: You need a ticket to participate

You need a ticket to take part. Check the information here >> 

4. La Tomatina Festival has been happening in Spain for more than 70 years

The first one happened in 1945.

5. It was originally a fight

It all began with a group of youngsters that found a parade boring and decided to start messing around.

While trying to get into the parade they accidentally pushed a man, who fell and got real pissed. Full of anger, he started throwing everything available at this group of fools.

The crowd, angry at the stupid teenagers, started throwing things at them too.

La Tomatina facts
La Tomatina facts /

6. A fun fact about the Tomatina Festival: At first it wasn't just tomatoes

The angry man from the first Tomatina started throwing whatever he found, and that was vegetables from the nearby market stall. Today people replicate it with tomatoes.

7. Teenagers made it a tradition

While the police stopped the street fight when it happened the first time they could not stop the teenagers doing it again the year after, just for fun.

7. La Tomatina festival was in fact forbidden in Spain for a while

The town forbid the Tomatina festival in the early fifties, but the villagers did not give up and kept doing it even when it meant getting arrested for it.

It also did not happen during the Covid pandemic.

La Tomatina festival facts
La Tomatina festival facts /

8. The TV made it popular

It became popular in 1983 after a TV report showed it on national television. People in Spain got interested and every year more and more people showed up to see what was it all about.

When La Tomatina caught the attention of the international TV channels, people from all over the world started coming to Spain to participate in this bizarre fight. Attendees include celebrities like Blake Lively.

9. La Tomatina festival facts: It gets very busy

Around 20.000 people get together in the Valencian village of Buñol to take part into the weirdest food fight in the world.

10. An insane amount of tomatoes get thrown

Around 160.000 kilos of tomatoes are used every year.

Useful information to get to the Tomatina Festival

It happens in Buñol, a village outside the city of Valencia accessible by train. The ride costs less than 4€ and takes around 1 hour.

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