The Kingdom of Navarre is famous internationally because of the running of the bulls. What it is not that known is that is one of the greenest and more beautiful regions in Spain. If you like nature, history and food do not miss the 8 best things to do in Navarre.

The 8 best things to do in Navarre for nature and history lovers

1. Olite, the best thing to do in Navarre

A Medieval village so well preserved you will feel you are traveling back in time. Its Royal Palace is a castle that you must visit and will transport you to a past time.

Olite Castle Navarre
Things to do in Navarre / Mael

You can even spend the night in the Castle as it is also an hotel! You can check it out here.

2. Irati forrest

One of the favorite places of nature lovers in Spain. A pretty much virgin forest that features some of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain. The best time to visit is the autumn as its colors are from out if this world.

Best Things to do in Navarre
Best things to do in Navarre / Ana Cruz /

3. Pamplona, a must if you are interested in the running of the bulls

The capital of Navarre is famous as it is the place where the running of the bulls takes place every July.

Pamplona foods
Things to do in Navarre / Ana Cruz /

The walls, the cathedral, the ciudadela… there is so much to see!

4. Thins to do in Navarra: The epic landscape of Bardenas Reales

An epic semi deserted landscape so unusual in a region with such beautiful forests. It appeared in Game of Thrones as the Dothraki sea.

things to do in navarre
Things to do in Navarre / Mael

5. Baztan Valley

Picturesque villages, amazing food and the place where so many legends where born. You can not miss the panoramic views and the village of Elizondo.

Best things to do in Navarre
Best things to do in Navarre / Ana Cruz /

6. The Zugarramurdi Cave

Zugurramurdi, known as the village of the witches, is famous for its cave. Legend says covens of witches will gather in it.

As a matter of fact, in 1610, the Spanish Inquisition sentenced 11 of the so called witches to burn to death. You will see a sign by the entrance of the cave to remember them.

It rains in Navarre 1 out of 3 days. Scape the rain in style with this very Spanish umbrella!

7. The Señorio de Bertiz a beautiful thing to do in Navarre if you like hiking

If you like hiking you can not miss this spot with some circular hiking routes to get lost in a wild, green forest. It is a magical experience as it is not very busy, as a matter in fact when we visited it we didn’t see anyone during our hike. A pretty magical experience.

8. Ujue

One of the most enchanting villages of Spain. Founded in the 10th century as a fortress, all its houses are made of stone and with some epic views of the valley.

Things to do in Navarre
Things to do in Navarre /

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