Located in Mar Menor, Spain is one of the most famous coastal towns in Murcia. While life is slow there you can find many things to do in Los Alcazares to enjoy it like a local.

Things to do in Los Alcazares
Things to do in Los Alcazares / www.murciaturistica.es

Famous for the therapeutic properties of its waters, this former fishing village’s population goes from around 11.000 inhabitants in the winter up to 150.000 in summer.

Los Alcazares was occupied first by Romans, who built the first thermal baths in the area. Then by Arabs, who built their palaces where the old Roman Spas once stood. Now you will find a wide variety of tourists each in search of a cold beer and a place to chill by the sea.

Things to do in Los Alcazares: A perfect day explained by a local.

Things to do in Los Alcázares in the morning

Summer in Spain is a time for resting. There is no rush to do anything, and you should not worry about anything else but enjoying yourself.

The day will very likely start a bit late, as, assuming you are on holiday, there is no reason not to sleep in.

However, If you want a fresh pastry or baguette for breakfast be aware of the local baker’s food truck, as it parades around Los Alcázares somewhere in between 9 and 11am.

Things to do in Los Alcazares
Things to do in Los Alcazares

It will honk to announce its presence on your street, and it will wait until the last grandma makes it to the van. That will be your time limit to get out and get your breakfast of choice.

But if you miss, it do not panic!

Very likely you will have a churros truck parked within walking distance. You can always go and get some churros and chocolate to turn an average breakfast into an epic one.

Things to do in Los alcazares. Churros
Things to do in Los Alcazares

Around 11am, the sun will be so strong that the only place to be is by the beach. Temperatures are no joke and they can easily be above 40 degrees in the peak of summer.

The sea, the breeze, and an umbrella will be your salvation. Sun cream should also be your best friend.

Having lunch in los Alcazares

At around 2pm, you are likely to get hungry again. However, before heading home for lunch you might want to consider stopping by the nearby beach bar for quick refreshment before heading back.

You will quickly discover that staying hydrated is key to survival in Los Alcazares!

Things to do in Los Alcazares
Things to do in Los Alcazares

The sacred hours in Los Alcázares

Have you heard of the phrase… “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”?

Well, when in Spain, especially in summer, the hours between 3 and 5pm are sacred resting hours.

It is extremely rude to even call someone between those hours, as we, Spanish people, rest and nap. Also, you will probably melt down if you are outdoors during those hours.

After a nap there is no place like the beach

After 5pm you will likely go down to the beach again and maybe enjoy a cheeky ice cream or iced lemonade before heading home for a shower.

Things to do in Los Alcazares
Things to do in Los Alcazares / Novasol

Things to do in Los Alcazaresin the evening

At around 8pm, temperatures will finally start going down and it will be time to head out for a walk on the promenade.

People will not even think of dinner until 9 or 10pm, when it starts getting dark.

The evenings are great, with a cooler breeze and the smell of jasmine.

What you do in the evening is completely up to you as there are many things to do. There are street markets, a funfair, bars, and plenty of nightclubs that will be open until dawn if you feel up for it.

But if you are feeling lazy, you could always rock it like the Spanish Grandmas and sit in the street with your neighbours to enjoy the breeze and spend the evening keeping up with local gossip.

Things to do in Los Alcazares
Things to do in Los Alcazares / Spanish grandmas a la fresca

After reading this article you should be fully ready to enjoy yourself like a local.

Useful information and other things to do in Los Alcazares

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