The town of Avila is famous for its Unesco walls, their devotion to Sant Teresa and the quality of their meats. If you visit this picturesque village make sure you check the 6 epic things to do in Avila … and the very weird one, a unique thing you are not allowed to do normally.

7 epic things to do in Avila, Spain (And a very weird one)

things to do in avila
Things to do in Avila, Spain

1. Things to do in Avila: Walk around the medieval walls for the most epic view

The best preserved walls in Spain. You can access them to walk around and enjoy a very epic view of the town. Tickets cost 5€ per adult and the main entrance is in Puerta de la Catedral.

2. A must thing to do in Avila: Visit the Cathedral

A very unique place that was built in the XI century and that was thought as both a cathedral and a fortress. It is the oldest gothic cathedral in Spain.

things to do in avila
Things to do in Avila, Spain
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3. Mirador de los Cuatro Postes for a breathtaking panoramic view

Built in the late 16th century, it was, originally, a stopping point for pilgrims. The place enjoys a panoramic view of Avila, its walls and its landscape. If you can, do not miss the opportunity of also enjoying the view at night when the city is lit.

things to do in avila
Things to do in Avila /

4. People watching while having a drink in Plaza Mayor

The main square of the village is both the place that holds the main celebrations and also the spot for socializing. The perfect spot to enjoy a coffee or drink and people watch.

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6. Walk around Jewish Quarter

In medieval times the village had a large Jewish community. They lived in two areas, around Puerta de San Vicente and around Puerta del Puente. The Jewish quarter is a great area to walk around in the same Medieval cobblestone streets they used in the old times.

7. Visit the Avila Museum to learn about history

If you are into history the museum tells you the story of the village and you will find exhibits to discover how they lived in the old days and how the city has evolved. Tickets cost 1,20€.

8. A very unique thing to do in Avila: Sleep in a convent like a nun

St Theresa of Jesus is one of the most famous saints in Spain and the Convento de Santa Teresa de Jesús stands on the site of her birthplace. You can visit both the church and the museum about her life but there is a very unique thing you can do here that it is unheard of in other places…

The convent also has a hostel and you can stay the night in its very modest chambers where nuns belonging to this order used to live. Our catholic school took us there as kids for a sleep over and to say it is sombre is an understatement!

Nevertheless is a very unique experience!

things to do in avila
Things to do in Avila / The rooms at the convent

Avila’s religious history is huge and there are more than 100 convents, churches and basilicas! If you are interested, you can visit others, the most famous ones being Basilica de San Vicente, Real Monasterio de Santo Tomás, Iglesia de San Juan Bautista.. and many more!

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