Teruel is a wonderfully green region in Spain with lots of history and a very unique charm. However, it is so unknown for a while their touristic slogan was “Teruel exists”. If you decide to visit this hidden hem and are wondering what to eat, we bring you the 7 most famous Teruel foods to try.

Teruel food. 7 local specialties you must try if you visit

1. Teruel food: Local Serrano ham

Teruel elaborates their own serrano and iberico hams with their local pigs. It you visit the area, and you are not a vegetarian or vegan, the first thing you should put in your mouth is local serrano ham.

It works in a toast for breakfast, as a snack anytime or the day or in a charcuterie board as a tapa.

Teruel food
Teruel food / www,ejecutivos.es

2. Roasted lamb

The quality of the meats in Teruel is premium and the most famous variety of lamb is called “Ternasco”. They have plenty of pastures to feed animals and the region is a famous feeding area for animals.

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3. What to eat in Teruel? Caldereta de Pastor

A stew made with pieces of lamb, potatoes, tomato, pepper, onion, garlic and salt. All cooked in a clay pot.

Teruel food
Teruel food / www.youtiube.com Canal Como se hace

4. Teruel food: Madejas the cordero, the most famous tapa

A very popular tapa in the region not for picky eaters as it is made with lamb intestines. They are roll on a green garlic until they look like a skein, then they are fried. The look crispy on the outside and tender inside.

What to eat in Teruel
What to eat in Teruel / www.grupopastores.coop

5. Teruel food: Sollapas, the local bread

A flat bread elaborated with no yeast. Traditionally it was cooked over a hot stone. As it gets really cold in Teruel it was normally served along with a heavy calorie stew to get warm.

Teruel Food
Teruel Food / http://fentdetutto.blogspot.com/

6. What vegetables to eat in Teruel? Borrajas y Cardo

These two vegetables, borage and thistle are not very popular all over the Spanish territory. However, they are very typical in the Aragon region.

Borage is typically boiled with potatoes and thistles are served with an almond sauce.

What to eat in Teruel
What to eat in Teruel? / https://restaurantesteruellatorre.es/

If you visit Teruel with kids you might want to check out the nearby dinosaur park.

7. Regañaos, the most popular snack from Teruel

Regañaos are a oval shape bread (Similar to pizza bread) served with toppings. The most famous ones have serrano ham and peppers on top but they are also very typical with anchovies and sausages.

They are a very typical snack during Vaquillas, a local festival. You can find them mostly is bakeries.

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