Tortilla is a must have Spanish classic that needs to introduction. As a tapa, in a bocadillo, in a pintxo… this very versatile food specialty is very easily to love. We bring you the 8 things no one told you about about Spanish Potato Tortilla or Tortilla de Patatas.

8 things no one told you about Spanish Potato Tortilla or Tortilla de Patatas

1. The creation of Tortilla de Patatas

They created it in the XVII century as a way to fix a cheap meal with the only available ingredients, eggs and potatoes.

2. The most controversial ingredient

In Spain, people fight over whether or not you need to add onion to the tortilla de patatas. Pro-onion people argue it adds moist while purists believe it should not be there as it wasn’t in the original recipe and it is too sweet.

Spanish Potato Tortilla or Tortilla de Patatas
Spanish Potato Tortilla or Tortilla de Patatas/ / blackieshoot

3. The spanish potato tortilla is cooked in a pan, never in the over

In order for the tortilla to be juicy you need fry the potatoes beforehand and cook it in a pan. The attempt to cook it in the oven has a very dry result that can not be considered tortilla, or at least, not a good one.

4. How to flip it

To flip it, you place a plate in top of the pan while cooking it and you flip the frying pan so the tortilla lands on the plate. Then you put it back to cook the other side. 

However, nowadays you can find frying pans you can ensemble together to flip the tortilla inside and keep cooking it avoiding any risk of making a mess.

Spanish Potato Tortilla
Spanish Potato Tortilla / / Christine Isakzhanova

5. Modern twists that are not Spanish Potato Tortilla

You can find tortillas with much more than just potatoes. We have seen with chorizo, sausages, sobrasada and even truffles.. delicious.

6. The nicest tortilla de patatas

Most people think that to achieve the best version of the tortilla the eggs have to be runny in the middle of it. If it comes fully cooked they consider it to be too dry.

Queen Potato Valencia
Spanish Potato Tortilla or Tortilla de Patatas

7. How do people have it

Tortilla is normally not a meal per se, it is more like something for the table to be shared, or a quick bite to eat. It is very common as well to have it in a baguette and have it as a big breakfast.

8. Tortilla in bars

However, as cooking with eggs is a tricky matter, bars are not allowed to serve the tortilla raw in the middle unless they use egg beaters instead of fresh eggs.

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