Everyone can agree on how nicely Sangria goes down on a hot summer day but after reading this article you will also be able to elevate the conversation while enjoying a glass. This list will show you 10 fun facts about Sangria you probably don’t know. (If what you were looking for is a recipe you can find it here)

Sangria facts
Sangria facts/ Frank Zhang / Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/)

10 fun facts about Sangria you probably don't know

1. The most peculiar of the facts about sangria: It has Roman ancestors

In ancient Rome they had their own version of the drink. It was common to add some spices and wine to the water in order to purify it. The romans believed that alcohol would kill any germs present in the water. Such a great excuse for a glass of wine!

2. Alcohol in Sangria

When for sale it must have less than 12% alcohol. Otherwise it is not Sangria. 

3. Sangria is, in fact, a smart use of leftovers

While there are many legends around the true origin of Sangria it seems it was just the desire to use up leftover wine and fruits that create the legendary drink.

4. The most interesting of the facts about Sangria: It is not always made with red wine

While the original recipe’s main ingredient is red wine, there are modern reinterpretations of this popular drink, such as Sangria de Cava in Cataluña.

sangria fun facts
Sangria fun facts / Frank Zhang / Unsplash (https://unsplash.com/)

5. Sangria fun facts: It has different names

In the Spanish colonies in America they called it Wine Lemonade.

6. The most historical of the facts about Sangria: Jane Austin was a fan

Jane Austin drank a similar version, the Claret Cup, made of wine, spices, liquors and fruit.

7. Not everyone is allowed to sell it

Only Spain and Portugal can officially produce and sell Sangria. Similar version might be sold, but they can not have the name “sangria” on them.

8. A very fun facts about the Brits, Sangria's best PR

People think the Brits made it popular as they loved to have a glass in the in the old American and French colonies.

Sangria fun facts
Sangria fun facts / www.pixabay.com

9. A fun fact about the name

It takes its name from the Spanish word for blood, sangre, due to its intense red color.

10. A fact about Sangria tourists do not seem to know: It is a seasonal drink

In Spain it is a seasonal drink only really prepared in summer, mostly due to its refreshing nature, especially when the weather is burning hot.

If you visit Spain in winter and they have it on display, be suspicious as you might find yourself in a tourist trap.

The thought of having a Sangria in winter for a Spaniard is similar to how you might feel about a pub offering mulled wine in summer.

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