If you are going to be around for the summer solstice do not miss the best destinations for the San Juan festival celebrations in Spain.

San Juan festival destinations in Spain. The 5 best celebrations

The most famous San Juan Festival celebrations in Spain: Hogueras in Alicante

The most famous San Juan celebration in Spain. The celebration is called Hogueras de San Juan and takes place from the 20th to the 24th of June.

Parades, music, dancing, events, food and much more await!

The biggest of the events takes place the night of the 24th then they set up the statues- similar to the fallas in Valencia- that they will set on fire.

Firefighters will go all over town to monitor the bonfires and, sometimes while requested, they will also throw water at the people with their hoists. This is called the “Banya”.

San Juan Festival Spain
San Juan Festival Spain / www.ondacero.es


While you will find parties all over Catalonia the most famous one is the Verbena de San Juan in Barcelona. The shortest night of the year is celebrated with bonfires in the beach, fireworks and many a street party in neizbourghoods such as Gracia or Sants.

You will find Diables, aka devils, parading around town with their sparklers and remember that it is traditional to eat a Coca de Sant Joan with a glass of ice cold cava!

San Juan Festival Spain
San Juan Festival Spain / https://llucmiralles.com/

Best destinations San Juan Festival: Coruña

The area has a long tradition of legends and the night of San Juan is called here “Noite de Meigas”  aka night of witches.

During the day you will find “sardiñadas” on the street, pretty much a bunch of people grilling and eating sardines outdoors as they represent the arrival of the summer.

In the evening, the celebrations take place in the beach, where they burn logs believe to keep away all evil.

San Juan Festival celebrations: Valencia

A huge celebration takes place in the local Malvarrosa beach, where everyone heads to on the day.

The beach will be filled with bonfires that people jump over to summon good luck for the following year.

Depending on the year some events might take place around such as concerts. The celebration however caters more for young people and you will find many youngsters having drinks in the beach

San Juan Festival celebrations
San Juan Festival Spain / https://llucmiralles.com/
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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Canteras beach is the place to be in Gran Canaria for an epic San Juan celebration. Everyone will head to the beach, even with tables, picnics, drinks and dinner to enjoy the night.

The atmosphere is very unique and there are many traditions to follow. When the clocks strike midnight everyone will go to the ocean for a swim.

For good luck, three waves must be jumped when you get into the ocean. Some people make wishes and write them on a paper and then burn them, some people throw apples or flowers to the ocean… it is a night for superstitions!

A beautiful firework display will also take place at midnight.

Best Destinations San Juan Festival Spain
Best Destinations San Juan Festival Spain / https://rtvc.es/
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